Never been before.

Going on Thursday.

Am staying in Oasis de Nazaret near Teguise. Where is good to run? Where should I go to watch the England vs Ireland game on Saturday?

Oh yes... and where is the best place to buy wine... Have read about hypermarket at Playa Honda - are there any specialist bodegas?



  • Jose ?
  • Good point - hope he looks in
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Sorry, my expertise of Lanzarote focused mainly in La Santa and the multitalented Green Team.

    in La Santa village there is a pub where some guys (over 100) enjoyed the world cup final and the Spanish comentator saying "Yony Gul-kin-son".

    Teguisse is very similar to a typical tourist resort in mainland Spain so plenty of bars with Rugby on it, (actually mainly Irish, Scottish and Welsh)

    I can't help with the Running. Cycling is all over the island but running... I've only done events, not running as training. Take plenty of water with you and run the closest you can to the beach, or get a bike and cycle.
  • You could loiter round outside La Santa and tag along with their morning runs. 8.15 each day.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    other option is Puerto del Carmen (maybe Teguise is similar, but again i don't know Teguise that well)

    one of the beaches is about 2 miles long, you can run on the beach or on the marina
  • i stayed at costa teguise about 7 years ago. windsurfing was great, but no idea re running, was in january, very dry and sandy so def take a camelback or the like for water... sorry this is no use to you. errr i think it was mostly flat or gentle hills in the immediate area, but i seem to remember we were miles away from la santa so you'd struggle to join their runs i think
  • I went to Costa Teguise last year. I ran along the beach and round the bay at the bottom end of the resort. There is an irish pub, can't remember the name of it, on the see front on the bay which was tops for footy and sport.

    BTW thought Costa Teguise was pooh.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    sorry Neil, i missed an important question, wine.

    Local wine is surprisingly good (i like it anyway). Any supermarket sell it, but you can go to La Geria, it's the "hilly" central part of the island. Full of Bodegas which sell their own production and very interesting landscape to see (different).
  • Gee thanks everyone - top tips...

    Oirish bar for the England vs. Ireland rugby, banter time!
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