Chest Infection - Four week break in training


I had been steadily building up my mileage for London on 24 April. I was up to my highest distance weeks with long runs in the late teens of mileage, then i got sick, and that has turned into a chest infection. The doc has given me some antibiotics to take over the next week, and says that should clear it up (she said there should be no probs with taking part in the race, as long as i feel ok).

That will leave me with less than two weeks until race day and around three and a half/four weeks off training up until that point. What advice would anyone give for the limited time i have left to train, providing that i am better? Also, is there anything i can do to help (non-running) while i am still recovering from the infection?

I had been aiming for around 3hr 50, but that may is obviously out the window now.

Any advice gratefully received!




  • You can always defer ?

    Until you're better all you can do is not overeat and see where you are when you're better. If you go all out in the last two weeks all you'll do is wreck your chances even more.

    A few little runs really to see how you feel and if you think you can get round OK ?
  • Steve, I really hope things are working out for you and the chest infection has cleared, I've finally succumbed to the doctor after 2/3 weeks of coughing and wheezing, chest infection and dreaded anti-biotics for 7 days, advised NO running, last long run 15 miles, 3 weeks back (when I realised something not right) and only short trots since, can't defer so looks like joining the run/walk team and just get around this year, all the best to every-one on the 24th, hope you have a great day!!!!! 

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