Swimming 5k with a sprained ankle


Just had a text from my 13yo daughter. Playing in a netball tournament, she's just knackered her ankle, which is apparently purple and swollen so sounds more than a minor twist. (It is being riced by matron.)

Thing is, in less than three weeks she's supposed to be swimming 5k in the Butlins Swimathon.

Or is she...?

Is it feasible, or has she just put the kibosh on that?


  • no use JJ...
    you'll just have to step in for her and do it....
  • might prevent any training between now and then but i'd have thought in 3 weeks she'd probably be ok to swim.

    but i suspect she'll be able to tell you as soon as she tries. swimming with a dodgy ankle is no fun at all.
  • by the way what time was she aiming for?

    <M waits to find out if she might have moved up a place in the butlins swimathon rankings>

  • No idea, M - but should have no trouble within the cutoff, and that's all she's aiming for.

    Usually does 1.5 to 2 in a crowded club sesh.
  • thats pretty cool

    i'm aiming for between 1.40 - 1.50. mind you no-one mentioned a cut off!!!!

    hope she's ok and wish her luck with the swimathon from me.
  • Thanks M, I shall.

    She's home now and it's not as swollen as I feared.

    I suppose if she can do 2k in an hour sploshing about, 5k in 2:30 to 3:00 is doable.
  • 'Lo JJ,
    I also knackered an ankle (ligaments and soft tissue) at the end of Jan and if I remember correctly I was swimming again after three weeks. Crawl is less twingeworthy than breast stroke but as M says she will be able to tell you when she tries.
  • JJ. Can you go into a little more detail about what exactly "getting riced by matron" entails?
  • I'll whisper it next time I see you, Richard.

  • JJ should be no problem, if ankle is tender on kick and she insists on swimming then try her with an elasticated ankle support, but the constriction may make cramp more likely. If she's not done a swimathon before then boredom is the biggest thing she'll have to get past, if she's swimming regularly then her fitness should be ok, just make sure you have squash and jelly on hand!
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Oh JJ....(()).
    I had a couple of twisted ankles from Nov but had no probs swimming. Did hurt a little but was encouraged by doc to swim on them after a couple of weeks. See how the ankles improve over next couple of weeks anyway......:O/
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