Spend it like" famous footballer"

I've had deluge of "free" scratch cards dropping out of magazines and papers lately. I know these things cost a fortune to claim on phone the latest one could cost about £7.50 I was just wondering if any one has ever answered any of these things. I usually chuck these things in bin, because top prize usually includes a holiday voucher,guess which prize your getting,holiday vouchers "can only be redeemed against holidays to south pole on second tuesday in January".Anyway this latest ones top prizes include as possible booby prizes;computer"sinclair spectrum ZX", or £350 shopping voucher "only redeemable against one item from the local 99p store.Any way let us know your experiences, as I am only guessing.


  • My rather gullible brother in law got one of these and ended up with a "Free" holiday , with a company I'd never heard of, the only catch was a £80 admin charge and all sorts of other add ons , ie insurance , transfers etc etc. Worst thing was he used my phone !!
  • I thought as much ,as I said,I usualy chuck in bin. The kids have been harping on at me to phone {£7.50for£350 shopping vouchers can't be bad} but I am great believer in,"u get nowt 4 nowt".Thanks for posting Mercury now I can prove my point.[Never let your brother in law near your phone again!!]Any one else been had?
  • You always win 'holiday' vouchers which either give you 500 quid off an over priced foreign trip or give you a couple of nights in an otherwise empty country hotel.This is usually offered on a room only basis with the hope that you will eat all your meals in the hotel and throw loads of money over the bar.
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