What to do about chips in carbon fibre frame

One of the two screws in the cleat of a pair of Sh*te Specialized shoes came out, with the effect that as i stopped at traffic lights, i could rotate my foot freely with no effect on the cleat, which was just rotating on the remaining screw

effect - i fell off, and i've got a few little chips in my four day old carbon bike :(

presumably i just ignore these - or should i treat them with anything? anybody know?


  • Eeek.

    You had screwed them in tight enough presumably ?

    I think you can ignore them - don't sound as if they'll be of great consequence ? Just battle scars.

    If anyone asks - you were doing 70 down an Alp when a Marmot took your front wheel away.
  • yeah just tiny scratches and surface chips really - i was just a bit concerned about it being carbon fibre

    annoyingly my calf bloody hurts now - i wont be happy if i damaged the muscle
  • :o(

    oh dear.

    I've got some carbon paper.

    P'raps we could make a little plaster for the poorly hurt...
  • Jeffrey Lady Killer - he's got a carbon fibre - he is the expert on them anyway.

    Jj - you kiss him better.

    (I'm not)
  • [fumbles in handbag for hairbrush, make-up, perfume and GoldSpot...]
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    you can buy some transparent carbon stickers/plasters that help protect areas that are liable to scratch or rub. got mine from evans.
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  • but that's a shop for big girlies.
  • will have a look - is there a risk of deerioration then??
  • with a t
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i dont think so, unless it gets rubbed. I was recommended them for my spinergy wheels because they are quite close to the seat stays as well as the block. I can see where they have rubbed but very superficial.
    may want to put along the top tube too incase you lean the bike against anything?

    And these stickers wont be seen unless up very close.
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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    i know jj, thats why i go, if you see what i mean <grin>
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    and the sky is grey... #
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • candy, dont worry they are only little chips, but do sympathise with you as the bike is only 4 days old. The one thing good about carbon fibre is that it dosen't rust so there will be no deterioration from chips, and as it probably cost the earth, you no doubt got a lifetime guarantee against any of the welds/tubing breaking.

    Hell, if we all had to go through major repairs every time our frames got scratched there'd be no point riding. Take your bike off-road and then you never worry about scratches again.

  • Have you thought about a frame graft??
  • big girls blouse - always new he couldnt ride a bike

    [sorry mate - couldnt resist]

  • Yeah, I'm with you Will. It's the oldest story in the book. My cleats weren't screwed in properly... blame Specialised... foot rotated on the last screw... blah, blah de blah.

    He just forgot to unclip his foot at the lights and keeled over. I know because I was on the bus following him and everyone pointed at him and laughed.
  • everyone did point and laugh, and some bloke tutted and asked me if my bike was alright

    had to pedal home with my foot on top of the shoe too, as it doesn't look like its going to come out of the spd very easily, if at all

    that's it, i'm changing to look cleats tomorrow!
  • and the really, really annoying thing is that i only got to cycle 12 miles when i was planning 60

    and i'd made really good time on the first loop

    and i abondoned a swim session to go out on my new bike, cos i was home early and it was still light

  • and they were screwed in properly - the nut thing ripped clean out of the plastic shoe base - it WAS specialized's fault - boo hoo
  • you seem to protest to much i think ....

  • Ive bout new peddles and cleets 4 new bike (Look ones)
  • yeah you said

    how do you get out of them? heel outwards the same as spds?

    are they easier or harder to get out of? i'm thinking it was the stiffness of the spds that might have led to me ripping the screw out of the bottom of my shoe in the first place

    (and the shoes being sh*te of course)
  • My spds were easier to get out of than my looks are. Are yours adjustable ?

  • yeah, maybe it was just a dodgy shoe then?

    which do you prefer - looks or spds? and why

    (i need new ones either way)
  • I have adjustable looks on my training bike and fixed on my race bike
  • i dont know what on earth you are talking about

    i'll ask the nice shop man what he thinks
  • Andy your frame should be fine as long as it's not to splintered.

    The carbon fibre is made in layers so you could almost remove one and it would still be pretty strong.

    If it's splinterd then put a little laqure on it and it will be dandy!!!!

    And SPD's are shite!

    The only natural float they have is when the pedal itself wears out!

    Sorry to offend anyone but they hurt my knees when ever ived used them.

    Time road pedals are the best ive used without a doubt.
  • i'm abandoning the spds - the shoe is stuck to the pedal anyway and even whacking it with a hammer wouldn't budge it last night

  • If the shoes are'nt to old and you take them back to a specialized dealer, specialized are very good at replacing goods.
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