Dublin after Dark

So that we can keep the Dublin marathon thread closer to topic, especially in the last week before the race whilst people might be getting anxious and want to talk about the race itself, I thought that maybe those of us who want to stray from the 26.2 should stop elsewhere.


Especially as I'm one of the major culprits!

Hope you agree, see you later . . .


  • The only problem is that I've got this irrational urge to notch up our posts - and catch up with the New Yorkers. I'm just a little bit competitive you see
  • Wow - you found me - I'm about to try to e-mail a group of us to say where I am.

    Do you agree this is perhaps a little less selfish of us?

    Know what you mean about catching up with those darn Yankees, but if we stretch this out to Connemarathon and beyond, we can do it.

    Particularly since we are superior beings!

    Going to fire off these e-mails - back in a mo . .
  • Hey Snicks, fancy you getting your wrist slapped by BK for peeking at the Dark Side and not saying hi!

    When BK said we were making the other place seem sane, do you suppose it was a compliment?
  • Not sure RichK... being an addictive personality etc... I do worry about my internet abuse, especially leading up to Marathons. Is it healthy, RK? I should be planning a circuits class now. BTW, RK, like the pic, a bit grainy. BK is good with his pixels, perhaps you should let him have a look. You look like you've had a shock!
  • It's not me!!!
  • Or are you teasing again . . ?
  • And, am I supposed to know who it is? Is it some famous runner, or something? It is you, RK!
  • It's a crackin' snap, isn't it!

  • It's Mick McCarthy the Ireland footie manager. I cut it out of the Times yesterday and posted it especially for RayO's benefit. It's a crappy pic coz it came from a newspaper.

    Spookily though, when I first met my outlaws in Dublin they all thought I had an uncanny similarity to Mr McCarthy. I reckon he's a bit short actually.

    I'm waiting for RayO to call me everything under the sun and then I can change it to something else again . .

    And when I've done that you'll see that I'm having a personality crisis!
  • Brilliant. Do you know what, I knew he looked familiar. It looks like he's got something up his jacksy! (sorry, I was trying to think of a way not to be crude)... BTW, I've been sent my very own pic of Ray O!
  • Oooo! I'm so jealous! I looked out for him in the Connemarathon snaps but he seemed to be too modest coz I couldn't find him!
  • Do you think he'd send me one? Apart from the piccie I've been really nice to him most of the time!
  • You're right about Mr McCarthy btw - he does look just as if he's had a rather unexpected, and unwelcome, surprise! :-)
  • RichK - I've got a feeling it's just you and me tonight!
  • I know Snicks - but you're enough for me!!!


  • Actually you were on your own there for a while, my so'n'so pc just crashed.


    Of course - couldn't possibly be operator error!
  • Don't start! I'm writing my circuits plan - and I need to finish it.
  • I was eating my dinner!
  • is this virtual small talk RK? Has the old magic gone?
  • Only teasing! Like you didn't know. Thought you were distracted. Although this way we don't get all the double postings. Did my e-mail notification thingy work?

    I'm busy too, building (I use the word in it's very loosest sense) a web site to post Dub Marathon pics on.

    I've got a yen to run around with a disposable camera and post the results up here in the ether.

    Just got to remember not to throw the thing away at the end of the race I guess.

    What circuits are you planning?

  • What did I say about dual posting?
  • No . . it's just lingering . .
  • . . and how did you find this thread so quickly?
  • . . . magnetism, I spect!
  • . . now wot u doin'?

    (It soon will be small talk at this rate).

    . . puddin' maybe?
  • OK - you want small talk - I'll give ya small talk!

    How's the sore throat doin'?
  • That's exactly what I was doing. I'm not a pudding kind of a gal. But I'm down to mere morsels of food, so it was pineapple chunks for me! Ketosis setting in. I decided to do online food shopping, it takes ages to do, got through to checkout etc, then realised it takes three days to deliver. I couldn't be a***d to go back, so I'm surviving on red wine, veggie burgers, and pineapple pieces... Left half way through this - you've probably put a whole heap of messages up in true dual posting spirit. Don't know how I found you so quick, RK, I was just led there.
  • richk and snicks-was only jokeing about love story
  • Legless - good to see you! How's the lurgy?
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