Flintshire 10K

can anyone tell me directions for mold sports centre from runcorn bridge for the 10k on sunday


  • Sorry Terry, that's actually q near me (25 miles), but I'm not doing it myself. Don't know where the sports centre is, but Mold isn't too big a place, so....
    To reach Mold, follow signs for M56 from Runcorn Bridge (A533 expressway I think). Then M56 to its end, onto A5117 westbound. Stright over r/b junction with A540, becomes dual cway, and meets A550 at traffic lights. Follow A550 past Queensferry, come off at A494 turnoff (~4-5 miles). Follow A494 for 1-2 miles (2 sets of lights), then come off by going stright over a rbout with a Shell garage on the right. Follow this road (~2 miles)eventually downhill past traffic lights & Theatr Clwyd on right until you reach a v large rbout right at the edge of Mold. After that I can't help you - hope you can find it from there.

    Good luck!
  • Hope that was "stright"forward to follow ;-)
    When are we going to get a preview and edit function????
  • thanks mike for the directions to mold
  • hello mike s,your directions were great,i found mold sports centre in plenty of time.
    i done the 10k in 43.47,my 3rd race in 5 weeks.i still cannot get under 43.00,but i will keep trying.thanks again terry
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