Which carbon fork...?

Hi guys,
after much deliberation, and missing out on a 2ndhand ti zepellin frame. I tried to fit my 700cc wheels to my redline ti mtb/cyclo cross bike. They fit!

So one Ti roadie machine coming up. I have most bits that I can pull off my old trek 1200, all but the forks.
So any recommendations for decent, light-ish, cheap carbon forks, 1 1/8 size...

Also I have seen some millenium all carbon forks on wiggle for a good price, but come in 1' ahead size and 11/8 integrated size. Can I use the integrated one on my std mtb 1 1/8 headset...?



  • OOoh. This sounds interesting......

    So what wheels did the frame have on before ? 26" ? Just thinking about drop for the calipers, but I think that you should be able to get some to fit on the rear. Some have deep drop anyway.

    I've got a Look all carbon fork on my road bike and a carbon Giant Bladed fork on the TT bike.

    I think most forks would be OK - or would the rake of the fork be an issue - ideally you don't want the shoe/wheel overlap ?

    JLK is prob best to advise on the compatibility mallarkey though.
  • yep 26-ers but rear has drilled seatstay 'cross-bar' for roadie canti's... always thought it'd fit and tried it last night... now it has!

    Most mtb forks (sussers anyhow) don't have any rake so I'd think this would not be a problem..?

    I just wondered what the diff between a 1 1/8 ahead and a 1 1/8 integrated syst is.. I know the integrated one has the headset cups fully buried in the frame, but didn't realise this 'altered' or needed different forks in any way...
  • I think the fork is the same. But an expert bikeshop person should be able to confirm this. Sounds like a nice piece of kit !
  • Well,
    wasn't using it too much as a mtb, what with all the other ones I've got... and I like little build projects...
  • Cheeky leopards ! ;-)
  • There is no hope eh...!

    So JJ, got a bike yet...?
  • 's in the garage, but I can't get the door open.

    an' it's cold out.
  • excuses excuses excuses.....

  • Bump ! So JLK sees it.
  • Ta Cougster...
    but already had an email conversation... apparently there are differences.. integrated forks seem to have wider stanchions at top as then sit outside the headtube, compared to std ahead ones...

    asthetically different at least...!
  • Well, you live and learn eh ?

    Technology ! I'm back off to my simple fixed wheel steel machine. (with guards !)
  • and I'm back to trying to find a nice cheap, lightweight carbon fork again!!
  • MUT, ive just replied to your email regarding the forks.

    il ive parlato poco un italiano benchè lo stimassi potrebbe avere certo divertimento con quell'attrezzo di lingua!!

  • Doesn't transalte back very well, jeffery!

    the ive spoken an Italian little benchè you estimated it could have sure divertimento with that tool of language!!

  • Apart from the pose value I don't know why people put carbon forks on road bikes unless they make sure they have a carbon steerer too. I've got carbon forks with carbon steerers MM and they are super light. I also have a brand new pair (canti bosses though) with a steel steerer. These are actually heavier than another new spare set of aluminium forks....but they also have canti bosses.

    I do TTs and RRs on my 'cross bikes (mmm Airborne twins) and just change the tyres/chainrings. If your redline has canti-bosses I wouldn't convert it to road brakes, stick with canti and you still have a 'cross bike!
  • DD,
    cheers... but I was looking at a carbon steerer as well!

    Yes to canti bosses (on the rear at least!) Just was wondering about fitment of canti's don't know if V brakes would reach the 700cc wheel instead of the more usual 26-er...
  • If you have 700c forks then v-brakes will work togeather with them, as would cantis.
  • j, oh dear! it does'nt!!

    I think ill give up on the italian and go back to speaking b.....k's!!
  • JLK.. was talking about the rear end in that one!!!
  • What frame is it? sorry i did'nt read the start of this link!

    Just reading between the lines as usual!!
  • Its a redline...

    titan, mtb... (or at least sold to me as an mtb frame, but as they make cross bikes too, I always wondered if 700cc wheels would fit.)

    Just lost out on a 2ndhand airborne zeppelin and thought hang on.. why not 'try' to convert the ti frame I have...?
  • If it's a mtb frame with 26inch wheels in now then it wont take 700c wheels. The axle
    in the mtb hub is a differant length than that of the 700c and if you do get around that then the brakes wont fit!!
  • Yep...
    BUT... the seatstay bridge or crossbar is already predrilled for roadie brakes see...

    and the 700cc wheel does fit!!! and is pretty central!!
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