Has anyone been to Club La Santa in Lanzarote and how would you rate it out of 10 for:

1. Location
2. Accommodation
3. Food
4. Facilities
5. Running
6. Social

Any other comments would be much appreciated.


  • I went for the first time in August this year. Brilliant.

    My rating :
    1. 7 (bit remote but nice and warm with coling breeze)
    2. 6 - Bit basic - but you're not meant to be lounging round inside !
    3. 8 - very nice choice
    4. 10 Excellent !
    5. Social runs every morning - from 3k to 5k so it's a nice start to the day. I ran a hilly 8k that was pretty tough, and a 10k race and duathlon. You can also run a weekly half marathon. So I'd give it 8.
    6. Kids club, activities every evening - bars and a club. 8 out of 10.

    I don't want to go back to a beach based holiday when I can go to this !
  • Keith

    I went twice in 1997, so my comments may no longer be valid, but back then I fell in love with the resort. For anyone who LOVES sports its the perfect and ultimate holiday. Marks as follows:

    1. 9 - Great for road running and cycling, not so good for beaches though. It did have its own 'sandbank' back then though.

    2. 9 - The yellow apartment (cheapest) I stayed in was basic, but was all that was needed. No view, but I weas only there to shower and change so didn't really matter. Had fridge, freezer, hob and was clean and comfortable.

    3. 8 - Various options - buffet, help yourself stuff. Eat as much as you want for a set price, or a handful of restuarants onsite.

    4. 10 - Couldn't fault anything. Weights, track, pool, indoor courts. Something for anyone remotely interested in sports.

    5. 10 - Numerous events are organised as part of the weekly scheduled. Varying groups to suit your ability.

    6. 9 - Always something going on during the day. Evening entertainment was good, with both staff (the green team) and visitors getting involved. Evening disco also. An opportunity to be around like minded people and mix with sports stars. I saw, Denise Lewis, Michelle Griffiths, Linford Christie, some Swedish football team. I even had some female german sprinter knocking on my apartment door .... telling me to turn my music down !

    Listen, you just gotta do it. It works out more expensive than any other holiday in Lanzarote, but it's just excellent. I have never known anyone say a bad thing about it.

    Check out for further info. (No I'm not on commission)

    Any space in your suitcase ?
  • Might also be worth taking a look at
  • Thanks for the responses. It certainly sounds like a good bet. What I didn't mention is that I will be taking my wife and baby, so it will also have to be suitable for them. She isn't a runner (typical long suffering partner of runner!)but enjoys gym, sauna etc and treatments.
  • As part of the evening entertainment there is a 'kiddie' show, where the youngsters are encouraged to participate. Don't think your baby would appreciate it though. If your missus knows the score from the outset (i.e. it's definitely not a beach holiday!) and conditions her mind accordingly she'll be more than happy. I don't recall seeing a sauna when I was there, but as I said things may have changed. LaSanta to a timetablke showing the specific sports weeks for the year. If she is into aerobics (as well as the gym) it may well be worth booking things up to run alongside an aerobics week for example.

    Good luck. If you need anyone to look after the little 'un, you know where I am. (Anything for another LaSanta visit, eh!)
  • Keith, you should have a ball. The morning runs head out at 8.15, and the timed races are mostly first thing or around 5pm, so you should be around for babysitting whilst your wife can go to the gym or classes.

    They have a huge range of classes - mostly in the open air, so she can do step, aerobics, yoga, pilates etc etc.

    I didn't see a sauna, but there is a physio place that can do massage for her. And a hairdresser. And a v nice sports shop (how much Oakley stuff ??)

    They have a kids club, but I think that's for 3 yrs and up. There is a kids pool with fountain that the lil' one should enjoy. Just remember the Sun block.

    (I'm hoping to go next March - warm weather training for London !!)

    Cheers !
  • This sounsd great
    How much?
    What if the other half hate exercise, anything else to see/ do
  • Check out and
  • They do run excursions, and have entertainment every night. There are bars, and you can laze round by the pool if you want to. It's prob slightly more expensive than your average Lanzarote holiday, but worth it !

  • I went about 4 years ago - but judging by the comments above, it has certainly improved a great deal! I thought the food was atrocious! Accommodation is ok'ish. I wasn't really into running then, but into gym-work and the gym was extremely basic. The outdoor aerobic classes were good fun though. Let us know how you get on Keith.. cos if it's really improved that much, I might give it another go!
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