Saturday session, 19 October

... seeing as how I invariably come to the Forum too late at night to participate in the morning and early evening reply-fest when someone else posts it!

Okay, down to brass tacks; this is what I will be doing later today...

What: Short but fast run, probably about 5M in total
Why: I've already done intervals and fartlek this week, so time for a tempo run!

Last hard: Will be today.
Last rest: Yesterday.


  • This is what I will be doing today: Eating and resting. Oh yes, and giving a lecture and attending a meeting. Oh well.

    Good luck to Mij and all tomorrow's other racers (including me!).
  • What: rest
    Why: might race tomorrow depending on state of current cold
    Last rest day: weds
    Last hard day: yesterday (bike in gym)
  • What: probably the partly off-road run I do from the cricket club every so often (not the stupid version which goes on the beach for 1½ miles though) - about 44 mins in length

    Why: timing not ideal after long run yesterday, but with 2 night break looming up & final 5K of year next Sunday, schedule planned over next few days is
    Sun: v easy, maybe bike
    Mon: treadmill
    Tue: treadmill
    Wed: enforced rest (driving home)
    Thu: short speed session
    Fri & Sat: rest
    Sun: race
    then can try to build up mileage in earnest.

    Laura - hope the HRM turns up. I feel similarly lost with mine on the blink and simply functioning as a glorified stopwatch at the moment.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What : 30-40 minutes steady with some fast 'strides'
    Why : Loosener ahead of tomorrows 10k (probably last road race of the year)
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Thursday

    As always, good luck if your racing this w/end.I look forward each Monday to reading the race reports on the events thread.
  • Attempted run
    Managed 30 minutes run/walk and felt awful
    Did 3 miles, just
    I suppose its better than nothing
    treadmill session tomorrow, at least noone heckles you in there
  • Wot a lurvely mornin'.
    Just got the use of my fingers back. does any one else have to buy new gloves every autumn because they can't find last years ones?

    What - Took the bike out for a 60 min mt ride. fairly hard.
    Why - I was going for a swim but thought it was such a nice morning I'd bike it instead.
    Last hard run - 13 days
    Next hard run - 28 days

    2/3 of the way there.
  • What: 3x1mile reps
    When: My hangover goes
    Why : Need to do some speedwork,only managed a couple of short slowish runs this week.
  • Snap Pizza man, woke up at 8.27, 3 mins before running partner rang the doorbell, Xcountry shoes hanging in 2 icy blocks on the line, couldn't find second best off road pair, last year's off road pair finally discovered in teenage daughter's PE kit; emptied box of gloves, hats etc everywhere, no matching pair, no breakfast.
    Still, once we got going it was fantastic:
    What: 1.45 hr xcountry, amazing views of the fells.
    Why: weekend long run with friend. Her partner had recently told her speedwork would be a waste of time since 'it's not like you're ever going to be Paula Radcliffe, is it?'. This week's boobie prize for motivational skills!
    Last hard: last night's tempo run.
    Last rest: Thurs.
  • Marj - sorry I'm letting you down but I decided not to go for tomorrows race. 10K x-country was only local option and i)I'm not sure I would finish, and ii)its only club runners so I would be running on my own but have to suffer being overtaken repeatedly as it was a multilap course. I will do my long run instead and just have to imagine racing around the flat lands of the east.

    what had planned gentle 4m but did 1m and gave up due to aches - did 30 mins on elliptical trainer instead.
    why - did speed on Tuesday and Thursday, then ran too fast Friday (2:30 mins off my normal 4m route). So now I'm suffering a bit

    last rest - Wed
    last hard day - Thursday

    sorry for rambling! Good luck Marj and all the other racers.
  • I feel awful! Knew I shouldn't have started in the Weymouth 10 today. All the signs this week have said don't do it.

    Well I ignored the signs and started the race below par and had to drop out at 2 miles and then walk back the 2 miles in agony. Lucky the weather was on my side so I didn't suffer the freezing cold.

    My whole body feels achy and my left calf muscle feels so tight. I don't know if I'm coming down with something or I've picked up an injury. Whatever, I feel yuk and down in the dumps.

    I will have to take a few days off I think. Just when I was getting back on top form. It's always the way isn't it?

    Never mind running is for life (hopefully) not one day!
  • Hey tomorrow is my first sunday without a race for 5 weeks so its stella and a chicken madras tonight!

    PS when I say Stella I mean a load of Stella (natch). Dont want you all thinking I'm a wussy primate.
  • I am seriously wiped! Spent the day clearing the garden. No one had done anything with it for last 8 years (we just bought this place earlier this year) so it was a little, umm, overgrown. John Wyndham eat you heart out, I've never had such a struggle with plant matter.

    What: 21 mile bike (in between plant destruction)
    Why: Perhaps the last ride of the year for me!
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Friday.
  • Addendum to "what" and "why:"

    What: 2 mile warm-up, then fast tempo run for 5K (time: 21m12sec), then 2 mile cool down.

    Why: Discovered after measurement that one circuit of my local park is just over 1 mile - so, three circuits round is so near to exactly 5K that even UK Athletics would probably give it the nod! So, I was tempted to run at only a bit slower than race pace (lucky it was a tempo run really!)
  • Sorry to hear about your probs Hilly.

    Managed my off-road run in the twilight at the end of a heavy shower. Q pleased at the way my legs felt - endurance is improving & the upslopes aren't sapping my legs as much. Finished in 44:02; subsequently cycled to/from a party by way of a warm down.
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