Running clubs in North Leeds

I've been runnig a couple of years but can't seem to get below 55 mins for 10km or 1-55 for 1/2m. I've decided that i should get involved in a running club firstly to improve times but also for a bit of fun. I live on he North side of Leeds (Horsforth). I know Horsforth Harriers meet on a tuesday which is a bugger 'cos thats the only night of the week i can't make it. Anybody know of any others?



  • Hi Paul, yes your right i think it would benifit you iff you did join a running club. I was the same as you with my times so i went down to my local club (eccleshill road runners)this has helped my times greatly, give us A try we train mon,wed and fri and iff you want sundays they are a friendly lot and will make you feel welcome and most importantly not far from you. Iff you are interested visit our website or or give us phone, you would be very welcome
  • Try Kirkstall Harriers. They meet at Kirkstall Leisure centre on mondays and wednesdays (I think)
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