Running Clubs In the Chesham/Amersham Area?

Anyone know of any clubs in this location? Just starting running after a long break and wouldn't mind racing in the future once I've got some miles in!

Thanks in advance!


  • Try Chiltern Harriers. I think they are based in both towns.

    They do have a website - havee a look for that.
  • Helloo
    I live in Wendover but a friend of mine runs in Chesham with a club - dont know all the details which is not much help I know but at least there is one around!!

  • Who's your friend Imelda, I run with Chiltern and even do a bit of coaching there. Am injured at the mo' so haven't been down for a while tho'.

    The link Geffin is .....

    Any questions or queiries just ask.

  • Pm - her name is Nancy - tall girl dk hair with an accent - hope she will forgive me for naming and shaming her!!
  • PM thanks for the info, just wondering if you have a large range of abilities, what with just starting out and all! currently running about 30 mins at a time, hoping to extend that over the next few weeks.
  • Imelda, I can't think who she is but I probably know her by sight.

    Geffin, we cater for many standards from super fast to begginer. With 4 groups, begginers, not too fast, getting faster and fast. The sessions usualy last for and hour or so but we're not running continualy for that hourand you can drop out when ever you feel like it, and people often do. In fact it's very rare for us to finnish a session with as many as we started with.

    Give it a go. If you go down ask for Trevor or Steve and say that you've "spoken" to Phil. tell them what you hope to achieve from the club and they'll set you on the right path.

    Best of luck.
  • PM depending on my work schedule, hopefully i will make it down in the next couple of weeks. many thanks
  • I know this is an old thread but how fit/fast do you have to be to join Chiltern?

    My hubby joined a few weeks ago,he has persuaded me to go along to training with him tomorrow,but worried that I will be too unfit!

    I did the Wooburn 10k yesterday and was slow,but I finished,so proud of myself!
  • Hi all, I'm looking for a running club for beginners. Does any one know of any? Details please. Thanks
  • Whereabouts Ann??

    Bearbook Joggers cater for all levels (aylesbury)
    Handycross runners
    Chiltern Harriers

    (Just realised I was on this thread 8 years ago .. I need to find a life)   image

  • Thanks M...eldy,

    I live in Chesham.
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