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I have been diagnosed with a hip flexor problem by my physio. I have now taken 2 months off and still cannot run. I am limping because I feel like one leg is longer than the other. I'm told this is because of a rotated hip. Has anyone else had such a problem. Have I been mis diagnosed? What can I do to get back to running. I'm climbing the walls. I am still swimming and cycling but I can't stand not running. ANYONE, PLEASE HELP.


  • Did the physio make the dignosis? Did he suggest any treatment? Should you not see a orthopeadic surgeon?
    Rotated hip ... is you foot pointing outwards or inwards? Can he make such a diagnosis, I wonder? Should you not have this further investigated?
  • I think you may be right. I think I will go to see my GP. The only treatment was to work on my stability and piriformis. Seems to have been going on too long now.
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    Had a hip flexor problem last spring - saw physio and osteopath, both had the same opinion, sort of, basically stretches (lots and various) and don't overuse. Problem was persisted in trying to train (having an entry for FLM) including cycling and swimming - but ultimately decided everything including the stretching was agravating it, so made conscious decision to rest it until it was healed, then build up stretches and running gradually.

    What does a rotated hip mean? My problem apparently stems from lack of flexibility in the hip, hence the stretches, so not sure any advice I give would be much use except to get the cause of the problem explained - medical bods seem often to chuck out a diagnosis with some treatment recommended without explaining what the treatment will achieve - hopefully they know and are assuming we'll know too - otherwise they are guessing!
  • Thanks for the help. I have now made an appointment with my GP and will look forward to hearing what he has to say.
    A rotated hip is when the muscle doesn't hold it in place apparently and it has sort of fallen forward giving me a slightly longer leg on one side. I've no idea if this is correct but as I feel like one leg is longer than the other when I run it sounds feasable. I hope that it will get stronger and pull the hip into place.?!*?
  • I had a similar problem in the spring, Bobs, and did have several months off running. It recovered fully and hasn't twinged since.

    Diagnosing a biomechanical problem of this nature is well within a physiotherapist's job description - you'll be better before you get to the top of the orthopaedic clinic waiting list, and fancy tests contribute little to the diagnosis and nothing to the treatment.

    I do have rotated hips (femoral anteversion) but so has Zola Budd and it didn't hold her back. It's more of a normal variant than an abnormality. The other common cause of apparent leg length discrepancy is a slight curvature of the thoracic (upper) spine.

    Hope you're better soon!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • V-rap was that complete rest or did you try to keep fit with other things?
    Thanks for the advice though. You are right about the GP but I'm so desperate I'll try anything.
  • Bobs, it was pretty much veg-out complete rest. My one swimming stroke set it off, I can't face the stationary bike or the rower even when I'm fit, I was limping when walked, and I was keen to get to the London Marathon without making it worse so I did nothing apart from walking as a form of transport. Even did cold turkey from the forum! I did gardening and decorating for a few months and returned to running after, effectively, a five-month rest with a marathon in the middle.

    I'm now training almost as much as I was when the injury appeared, and haven't had any problems from the hip so it must have remodelled itself to take account of the fact that I'm a runner now.
  • Thanks V-rap and everyone else. Seems the only answer is to have complete rest for a month and hope that works.
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