Life after the Reading Half

Thinking of having a go at Tri. Been a runner since 2000, mainly 10 Ks and half marathons. Been a cyclist for years (tourer mainly) and so OK there, with a bit of training. Started swimming but...oh dear.
Any websites you know of that give clear instructions / techniques? Or is there really no substitute for an "Improvers" swimming course?
Whaddya reckon?
How did you get into tri?


  • total immersion books/dvds/training camps are good

    otherwise find a decent coach - you'll find a few pointers makes your crawl improve in leaps and bounds
  • OK, I'll look 'em up.
    Thanks for the input.
    Any others please also?
  • Try

    Its a really good site, the people on the forums are really friendly and helpfull.

  • Thanks!
    Is there such a thing as a beginners event later in the year?
    Where's the best place to get a list of events?
    Thanks all, again!
  • Try the British Triathlon Association web site, it has loads and loads of races, links etc.

    good luck
  • There's a beginners event near Reading on 18th April - have a look at for details.
  • Thanks Twink, I'll look it up!
  • London is a good one for beginners, or the Eton Super Sprint series. Only 400m swim and no currents.
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