Running clubs in Southampton

I've just moved to Southampton and am looking for a sociable and beginner-friendly running club, ideally on the eastern side of the city (eg Hedge End area). Can anyone offer any suggestions please?


  • Hello MB

    I too live in East Southampton

    I'm not currently running with a club. However I have emailed Team Solent and Eastleigh Runners (both about three weeks ago) ... no response as of yet, so dont bother with them

    There arent that many clubs on the East side that I'm aware of ... quite a few on the west side ... depends how far you want to travel

    Good Luck! Let me know, if you have better luck than I have done
  • HI MB,

    I have also posted on the General forum asking about running clubs in Southampton and there have been a few helpful suggestions of clubs you can try.

    Am going to be giving them a go myself.

    Good Luck!
  • There's a group of us that meet on wednesday evenings 18:00 in the sports hall at West Park School Titchfield, relaxed, friendly and informal.
  • Does anybody have any contact details for the Hedge end Running club?


  • There's a list of Hampshire running clubs here.

    I'm a member of Fareham Crusaders. They're a friendly bunch with a wide range of abilities.

  • Thanks Tom77 for the Info.



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