plastered and frustrated

Not really in plaster as such, but last year I broke my ankle and although I had been running off and on in the past (I used to be a speedskater-fanatic, sliding over the frozen lakes, rivers and canals for hours on end .... stay to the point) I got really into the running since then. This broken ankle got fixed with plate and screws and the latter have been taken out 2 days ago. Now they have put my foot in a bandage and told me to sit with my foot up for two weeks, but I can weightbear.
So completely healthy, not in pain, normal ankle movements (I know I should not complain) the sun is shining, but I am not aloud to run for six weeks and other sports as cycling and swimming for 2 weeks. I can't even train my upper loimb and shoulder muscles with crutches.
But I have more time to follow these forums, so keep going and entertain me.
Six weeks will pass and I have allready bought me some running outfit for the winter.


  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Hi Scully!

    I think your attitude is fantastic. Six weeks isn´t really that long in the great scheme of things, and it really doesn't take so long to regain your fitness once you start running again.

    Looking forward to seeing more of yur postings. Stay happy. LizzyB

  • Oh, thanks.
    I started feeling sorry for myself, but talking about it makes you realise it is not all so bad. This injury will heal and not become chronic.
    I will try to entertain myself with all sorts of needlework (and not watch daytime television, that is soo depressing). I was very good in that sence when my leg was in plasrter last year and was on crutches for seven weeks.
    I even lost weight then. That is my big fear, that I will start snacking and gain weight as I lost loads since I run seriously.
    Just be strong and get enough distractions, that's my motto (I hope .... only human)
  • Id be careful about visiting the fat club threads, theres a lot of talk about food
    Hope the 6 weeks pass quickly for you
  • wow Scully

    tell me about speedskating - I really love watching it at winter games and think skaters are so beautiful - grace and power and i love watching that crazy arm movement thing they get going

    where did you do it - somewhere not in uk I'm guessing?
  • No, I did the ice skating in Holland, I was born there you see.
    I did speed skating on a sort of track of ice of 400 m. Did all the training and races there. Went to other tracks, the one where the major championships are held. All the things you do when you are mad about a sport. It is a very technical sport, you have to pay a lot of attention to the tecnique. So you could let yourself sway over the ice, with your hands on your back.
    You have got me going now ... homesick to the icerink. Because you are all the time bend in your knees, pushing away your legs sideways, you get very big quads and bum muscles.
    And when there is enough ice on the lakes and rivers, you go and skate there. The technique is a bit different and the ice can be more teacherous, with cracks, ribbles, frozen snow. But the views in the middle of lakes and rivers on top of the ice.....
    Since I live here I have been lucky that there was iced lakes when I went to visit the family. But it was difficult to get so enthousiastic for a sport over here. I didn't do running in Holland. I did a lot of cycling (obvlously), but find that too dangerous here, no respect from car drivers. Horses, yes. Cyclists, no.
    Gradually I am getting more into running after several attempts. Here in Yorkshire you get a good treatment of views, that keeps me going. Lots of hills as well and they are getting easier.
    I need to be outdoors for sport, I can't do any undoors.It is just not the same. Except for swimming. In Holland you can do that outdoors in the summer as well.
  • Holland sounds like it is a good place for outdoor sports - and its flat!
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