I want to put my picture on a charity webpage, however it is currently 476Kb, and the maximum is 35Kb.
Is this possible to reduce it by so much?
I'd be eternally grateful to any computer experts out there who can help me out!!!!

Regards, Gareth


  • Yes it is,

    It needs to be saved with certain compression format, the most popular being jpeg and gif. Also, if the image is big, then it will need resizing.

    Can't remember any free image modifiers off hand, but if you want to send the image to, I'll do it for yer :o)

  • Gareth - yes, it's possible to reduce it by that. Do you have any kind of picture editing system on your pc? If it's Windows XP, and your pics are stored in 'my pictures', try double clicking on the pic. This should open up Windows picture viewer. There should be a row of icons at the bottom. The second from the right will open the picture up in a simple editing system. Click on this, and then you can click on 'image' and resize as you wish.
  • Cheers Tubby, it's on it's way. Will be with you in seconds few!!
    I just hope you can manage it!

    Regards, Gareth
  • Ultra, Ta for advice, I tried this as I have XP, but can't do anything. It seems to be in Quicktime even though I open it with Windows viewer. I am useless with computers!!!!
    Anyhow, hopefully Tubby will sort it for me.
    Thanks for the advice though & regards,

  • No worries, Gareth. Good luck with the sponsorship!
  • There you go cocka,

    Yer done!
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