Bike expenses

Am about to purchase first road bike, for training up to ironman in 2005 (yeah ok, stop giggling!).

What sort of ongoing maintenance budget should I look at? What do some of you cyclists spend a month? (We're talking essentials here, not goretex waterproof sunglasses or heated saddles...)


  • I've had my road bike for 1yr now and it has cost nothing. I am shortly due to replace tyres in time for this seasons racing as my turbo trainer has had some hammer over the past few months. Just keep it clean and lubricated and it should last years, although you may wish to purchase spares like new tubes incase of puncture as it's easier to replace the tube when out than to repair it. Its just the gadgets that cost, not the maintenance.
  • I agree with icedog - maintenance is nowt.

    Always have a couple of spare innertubes though - one with the bike and one at home so you can go out again on it should you puncture.

    Tyres last a good time, depending on mileage. Check your chain and replace that before it stretches too far - once that stretches then you need to replace the rings and sprockets.

    Brake blocks only really wear out in wet and gritty weather.

    Invest in a bike stand and some de-greaser and clean the drivechain after nasty wet rides.
  • Probably the biggest thing you'll have to budget for is that six months after you have bought your bike you'll be flicking through magazines again and deciding its essential that you have another one.
  • brake blocks about £8 pair every 6-8 months.
    inner tubes from £4.50 (can be recycled with patches)
    puncture repair kit £1.50!
    puncture proof tyres £20 each.
    oil and lube £10 a year.
    not had to replace a chain yet so don't know the cost?
    many major jobs that you have to take it to the shop for - they charge about £30 for a standard hours services, so expect £30 an hour for other work.
    Remember - the more miles you do the cheaper each one becomes!!
  • Oh i forgot - complete upgrade to shimano ace dura chainset, levers etc....£800+/- ?
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