garmin forerunner 201

Has anybody bought/used/know anyone who has one??
I'm thinking of purchasing a Garmin forerunner 201 this week as it seems a bit cheaper than the others on the market and has more features, but as it's new on the market I cannot find any comments on it other than the ones on the garmin website which they could have written themselves. I would appreciate any advice from anyone on it.
It is going to be used for both bike and running and then to download the info onto the PC to keep a log book which will hopefully be more accurate than my own hand written diary. NIKE and oregon scientific also do this type of gadget but they either cost more or have less features.


  • The forerunner is the dogs, i also have a timex gps and the garmin is so much better.
    It has a virtual partner on it which is very good.

    Go to the gear thread as those guys have talked about everything this gps does!

    Im not sure they have anything else to do?!!!

    If anyone wants to buy the 100lap timex then i have one for sale £100
    These retail for £200+
  • Hi Icedog
    There are over a 1000 messages regarding the forerunner on the gear section of this forum. The general consensus seems to think it is the dogs doodles.
  • Here is the link

    Sorry - I dont know how to hyperlink it. Just copy and paste it.
  • Thanks, have spent a while looking through the threads, far too tekkie for me in some of it. I seem to read that you can download the data from the 201 onto maps to draw maps of your route, is that correct??
  • Yes you can do that though have not done it myself yet!

    The display on the watch also shows you an outline of where you have been without down loading it!!
  • Have read every message on the gear link, took allday. And I given in and ordered it from the US as many of the people on there seem to have done. Got the watch, bike mount and a voltage converter for just over £100. Thanks for your help guys...
  • Have received it and read the instructions after playing with it first!!! Purchased it with the bike mount too. Have been out on the bike today with it for the first time and it is fantastic. You can customise the screen to show various readings/measurements, but today I had it on the standard setting. Shows your speed and distance like any other bike computer, but once home you plug it into the PC and it shows a whole lot more and plots it onto graphs so you can keep track of it in diary form. Money well spent if anyone is concidering one of them!! I also used it in conjunction with my Sigma bc600 and it was suprising to find how accurate that was. At the end of the ride only a .2 of a mile difference showing and the speed was showing the same for the majority of the ride, although the forerunner shows it more accurately as it has .'s
  • Icedog - good news....

    Do you mind telling me where in US you bought it from.

  • LFM

    a very helpfull lady in the US.
    Paula Clodfelder and she can be emailed on

    She is evry helpfull, takes payment via paypal and ships the same day via fed ex. mine arrived in 4days so not too long to wait. other places to purchase are shown on the 'gear' forums and there is a very lengthy chat about the forerunner, there has been one gone on today about a uk based price for £112 which is a very good price. Will cost about the same from the US at the current exchange rate.
    If you use the US link be assured lots of people have used her and noone seems to have had any problems. I know what it's like parting with the beer tokens over the internet to someone you dont know!!.
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