Lamb in Lausanne

Hi everyone! Seems like soooo long since I was on here, posting away without a care in the world... unfortunately now actually have a job that requires work and have moved into a house like something out of 'Environmental Health Hell'...
Anyway, nuff of that, here I am in Switzerland, the only forumite to make it over for Swiss Bobby's Lausanne Marathon, flying the flag and wearing the vest etc. I'm actually just doing the half, but have not run since GNR two weeks ago due to the above, so am not sure how things are going to go tomorrow...
Pleased to report that I FINALLY broke 2 hrs at GNR (1:57:17 which I was dead chuffed with, an altercation with a bumblebee on the finish line notwithstanding). So would otherwise be hoping for 1:55 but lack of training probably means I'll get round in about 2 hrs or thereabouts.
Anyway, hope all is well with my dear forumites and big hellos to RB, DW, Badger, Laura L, Blue Knees and all the gang and hope to catch you all again soon...
xxx Lamb


  • good luck! - will we get a full report afterwrds?
  • Hi Lamb, long time no bleat!

    Good luck tomorrow and well done on cracking 2 hours.
  • Lambie - we've missed you!!!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Lamb, thought Lausanne was some sort of fancy sauce ;-) Good luck with the 1/2m (thanks for the flowers and chocs - I believe you had a hand in it). Hope new job is going well.
  • Hi Lamb - great to see you boinging away on the forum again - welcome back!

    All the best for tomorrow - may the flock be with you - well - not all in front of you at any rate.


  • Hi Lamby, nice to see you on-line again. Well done on your sub 2hrs at the GNR. Assuming Lausanne doesn't also have 47,000 runners and doesn't involve running up a mountain, I'd have thought 1.55 was achievable.

    Go for it and have fun too.
  • Hi Lamb, I expect the Lausanne Half must be finished now, let us now how you did, and welcome back to the forums :)
  • Hello Lamby,

    As NN said, I guess it's over now so how did it go??
  • Hi Lamb,
    Lovely to hear from you. Welcome back!
    Michelle x
  • We've missed you, Lamb. Welcome back aboard. The Fat Club of which you were the esteemed founder is still boinging away merrily.
  • Hello Lamb!
    Hope it went well, you must give us a race report. Hope the house move went well!

    ND :)

  • Dearest Lamb

    Its been a long time in forum land...
    And I got 1.58 - so you must have pulled me through in spirit!

    Will mail you.

    Love always,
  • An honour to have been mentioned in dispatches Lamb, hope you're enjoying your stay. I fear you in box will be full of URWFRC messages when you get back despite your request.
  • Hey everyone and thanks for all the sweet messages!

    Lausanne is absolutely stunning, mountains (much beloved of lambs), lake, not forgetting very fine gateaux establishments (fat club members, I am ashamed to say I have thoroughly let the side down!)

    However, as always seems to be the way with me when I go to supposedly COLD places it ends up being HOT HOT HOT and I was a mite too fleecy for the balmy Sunday weather... I really struggled in the heat and sun and limped home feeling very sorry for myself in 2:08 (Swiss BTW did a magnificent sub 4 marathon!). Nevermind, I have consoled myself with much cheese and cake (oops, did I say that out loud?!)

    Well done Badge on excellent time, I am just sadsome that I didn't see you).

    Norfolk D - the house is a nightmare!! Sounds just like your experience! We must meet up soon for a run and a chat!

    Love to all, Lamb xxxxxxxx
  • Hi Lamb, well done on breaking two hours, and well done on getting a job where you work! Good to have you back.
  • Hi Lamb,

    Welcome back and brilliant performance at the GNR, nice to have bumped into there, sorry I didn't recognise you with your shades on!

    I boasted about your sub2 hrs on your behalf afterwards btw. Well done.
    Dead jealous you made it to Lausanne, sounds beautiful, who cares about the time in a place like that.

    Enjoy your job and good luck with the house.
  • LauraL and Lamb - I was so sorry to have missed you both at GNR. Excessive delay in front of my toilet (1 hr!!) (and even then had to go behind them because I ran out of time) meant that I just didn' thave time to get back up to the RW pacers where I said I'd be.

    Give our love to Swiss Bobby
    And eat some of that lovely Lindt chocolate for me!!

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