Cateye probs

I have cordless cateye2 on both my training and racing bikes and they are now both playing-up.

They dont seem to be recording each revolution of the wheel, so the speed is erratic eg at 20mph theyll show anything from 0,4,8 etc.

Thought at first it was the batteries. Put some new ones in, but still the same problem. I have now found though that holding the computer close to the transmitter means it DOES pretty much pick up each rev.

So I guess I need to change the transmitters over? I didnt realise they had a life span of 1-2 years??



  • They do require more battery life than other computers and they are known to do what you have just described.

    Make sure the distance is still the same between computer and sensor as this has an effect on the computers ability to function!!

    Flightdeck is the way to go if you have shimano sti's
  • new batteries and same distance. so yeh must be transmitters
  • My cateye was very reliable for many years until it fell off one day. Sob.

    My flightdeck broke after about a month. Cheap Shimano rubbish ! ;-)

    Daz - you are talking about replacing the batteries in the transmitter bit on the fork aren't you ?
  • ??
    are there batteries in the transmitter as well!? I didnt know that. though they were just in the cateye comp itself, doh!
  • Yes its generally where they go first!!
  • Problem solved !!
  • change batteries and still having probs. probably damaged the transmitter someohow, i dont know. very frustrating! i cant see how exceedingly quick and amazingly proficient i am on the bike now, lol
  • Maybe it's for the best eh Daz ?

  • lol,
    or maybe they cant handle the speed of sound
  • Just add an extra magnet to the wheel - your speed will double overnight.
  • listen, its a racing bike, not a bmx with spokies!!!
  • I guess you know about the max distances between the transmitter and spoke magnet as well as the transmitter and receiver/display unit, other than that im sorry I cant help, though as siad could be battery power or a fault.

    If you do want the distances to check anything I still have my box and fitting instructions and will go take a look.
  • no mate, the distances (from cateye to transmitter) are exactly the same as when I first set them up....and they worked for a year+
    batteries have been changed.
    sooooo......the transmitter must be buggered. ill take to a shop when i get a chance, and let you know. maybe its just me, but two cat-eyes in space of a couple of month. cant be the only poor sod!
  • daz - me and petal have the same problems with our cordless Cateyes 7's on both the roadies and MTB's - 3 systems in total. spoke to the guy where I bought them and he said he has heard of a few problems - he suggested first off to change batteries in the transmitter and if still playing up he would take them back and speak to the cateye dealers. haven't got around to doing anything yet but will do so as soon as time allows.

    I might also speak to Zyro who are the main importers to see what the say.
  • Are these the new Cateye cordless ones ?

    I had the old one for years with no faults.
    Then I lost it so had to get the new one.

    Much preferred the old one though,
  • yes - I had the older Cordless ones witout problems but got the new ones for the new roadies and broke the transmitter on another so replaced it.
  • B*gger. I hate the look of the new computer. Just looks rubbish.
  • s'only looks Cougs - still works the same! or not as the case may be.
  • Looks worse, and fails quicker. So not a major advance for consumers.

    On the other hand - prob better for Cateye - maybe the predecessor was a bit too sturdy ?
  • have just spoken to Zyro - comment was to take them back to where you bought it and let the reatailer take this up with them.

    was very non-commital as to whether there was a problem or whether the units will be replaced BUT reading between the lines it is something they are aware of. will take the matter up with my local shop.
  • cheer fbf. ill pop down to evans at some stage and see what gives. i have a feeling its the transmitters that faulty. the one computer used to use the orginal transmitter (pear-shaped), before i replaced with a new one when it snapped.

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