MRI Scan-advise please!

Hullo everyone,i ve been undergoing treatment on a knee injury for quite some time.After keyhole surgery which revealed no damage to the cruciate ligiament or cartlige, i am waiting for a MRI Scan on my knee.I have no experience of a scan before so i have to ask, does anyone know what i can expect to learn from such a scan.Does it actually give a picture of your ligiaments and tendons etc... Help please.


  • these scans are marvellous for defining the soft tissues
    However, i hope theyve told you that you will have to go into a very small and noisy tunnel for the scan, it does look rather claustrophobic
    Good luck, hope you get sorted
  • Nothing to be worried about. I had one about five years back. They will straap your leg into position soo it doesn't move and then feed you intoo the large tube (just like a big drainaage pipe. The scan is actually pictures taken in slices and does as benz says detail soft tissue as well as other stuff. It should highlight what the problem is and then it's just a question of getting it fixed
  • Hi OT! MRI scans can show soft tissue much better than x-rays. You have to undress and put on a gown. Also, you have to remove anything metal such as necklaces, watches etc. This is because it uses a strong magnetic field and if there is anything metal and loose, it will fly around and cause injury and damage. The ed is right, you do get fed into a tube but it can be a bit claustrophobic. They give you a panic button to press if you cannot stand it. It is also a painless procedure.
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