Winter running

I just started running this summer,up till now I,ve got away with wearing shorts and vest. But this week weather has turned "Baltic",Irecently purchased a pair of running tight and they are fine. I have also bought a rain proof jacket for wet weather. It is fine first mile or so but as I sweat a lot I find it to hot for longer runs.It has vents at back to let air through but even with zip down to waist, there's still not enough air going through.So was wondering what the rest of the Sweaties wore on a cold windy day.


  • I don't like to wear a rainjacket, I tried my husband's. I also tried someone's gilet, I like that as ther is enough ventilation going on. I purchased one recently for myself, but haven't worn it yet.
    I suppose a wicking t shirt or long sleave shirt is good. But I haven't worked out for myself yet what to wear, when it is really cold.?My wooly jumper?
  • I too have this trouble. Find I freeze on my runs now, this is my first winter of running. Have got tights, but not sure what to wear on top. I have been looking at long sleeve tops, is it best to go for thermal ones, or wicking ones?
    I think I might be too sweaty in a jacket, but I may have to try one.
  • I usually find i get quite warm running so just wear short and t shirts in any weather. Plus I hate ronhills.
  • if you wear a wicking top - what do you wear over the top to wick the sweat into-

    i soon get chilly after getting sweaty which is quite often as I am fast walking not running!
  • I use a gilet. It may be cold to start with but once you get going, It seems to be ok.
  • In the winter or if the weather is cold I wear running tights and find a gilet is best as if I wear a light jacket I end up having it tied round my waist for most of the run. I'm a real sweaty so under the gilet I wear a short sleeved wicking top or if its really cold a long sleeved wicking top. You can buy them in all sorts of weights so best to go to a specialist running shop and have a good look at whats on offer. I have invested in a concurve jacket that you can remove the sleeves so that I can train in the rain this year without ending up soaking wet and cold.
  • I think village runner has said it all. I totally agree
  • Boy, it was cold last week (we meerkats get chilly awful quick) the moment I'm going out in trackies (the lovely Ron Hill water repellant ones) and a Hind long sleeve top. It's a man's top, but as it was in a sale, and the small size fitted me, how could I resist? It's really snug while still being lightweight. I also wear a hat, otherwise I get very bad cold-induced earache after a few minutes: currently wearing a Nike lightweight fleece job.
  • Over the weekend when it was really cold I wore lycra cycling shorts under my running
    shorts to keep the tops of my legs warm;
    a long sleeved wicking shirt and a gillet.
    It was a bit warmer this morning so I wore a short sleeved dry fit type shirt under the gillet.
    I find the gillet great for stopping the cold
    hitting you in the chest
  • did a 10 k walk and loaded up on layers - wick t shirt - cotton longsleeve - long tshirt to cover my btm! and a fleece
    tracksters and lycra shorts and nylon waterproof trousers - two pairs of socks!

    I feel the cold and it was damp and chilly but not surprisingly I got warm and sweaty - especially my legs but I was impressed with the wick t as it was dry although the cotton top was damp where my rucksack had been

    think probably some more technical stuff would have helped and ditch the cotton and nylon things!
  • I bought the M&S view from gilet and ran in pouring rain last week with a surf shop microfleece underneath (+ bratop). Kept fairly dry and about right temperature. Haven't sorted out the head gear problem though - dripping rats tails by the time I'd finished my hour!
  • I think we are getting there, ready for the real winter.
    We could do with some advice about hats and gloves and maybe socks for that matter, to be complete
  • Fox Running socks (Fox sox??) keep my paws warm.
  • The Evil Pixie

    I know it's abit of an extreme solution, but have you considered laser eye surgery. I had mine done in April and can highly recommend it!

    On a different note short hair does mean cold ears, so I would like advice on a hat (preferably one that doesn't have teacosy tendancies)
  • There is very little pain involved ... discomfort is a more accurate description and that's only for a couple of hours
  • hmm very strange comment
  • Having seen lots of eye injuries from cotacts in casualty, Ive stuck to my specs
    But NOT good when you cant seein the rain and youre fogged up
    Would love to try laser surgery, but as Ive only got one pair of rather defective eyes, im scared
  • I only need glasses for seeing so don't wear them for running(!) but my ears get very cold. Don't know about a hat though cos I think it will be too hot. Just bought a headband. Makes me feel 13 again. i suppose real runners don't care what we look like, do we?
  • I'm a glasses wearer (haven't seem my belly button in focus for years!!) so when it rains i can have problems, however - if it's raining when i start out, i wear a clear visor with a headband that i purchased from a company called Ultrasport many years ago. Don't know if they still do them but it's just a piece of strong visor shaped plastic with an elastic band that's adjustable for round the head. The headband helps to hold it on. A bit of material goes round the plastic edge that goes against the forehead. Keeps the rain off my glasses without overheating my head.
  • I always wear a hat - head normally doesn't get overheated, and I am happy to sweat cos then I know I must be losing weight!
    I need a good waterproof jacket/leggings but don't know where to get them from - not too keen buying them over the net as I like to try things on really, and I hate sending things back.
  • I live and run in the far North of Scotland (think - next stop Iceland) so I know about winter weather. I've always thought that windproof is far more important than waterproof as it is the wind chill that makes you cold when you are wet.

    My winter kit consists of Adidas climalight full length tights, Ron Hill longsleeved lightweight thermal top and, most important a pertex wind shirt. Also, hat and gloves. This combination has always kept me warm enough in the severest of conditions.
  • bandana in summer - HH wolly hat in winter - blind without glasses, but can't run with them.

    Cold running

    Gloves you can get some nike gloves about 6.99 a pair from sweatshop - very thin but warm, not too warm that you get that weird tickly feeling.

    On top - I try layers - wicking long sleeved t-shirt or a heavier mizuno half fleece type thing and then a thin but warm zip front jacket (something you can take off and tie round you is good)

    On bottom - shorts and maybe tights - wear ronhills in winter is too cold to care about the fact that i look like a vey overweight ballerina.

    Although I look silly, It's unlikely anyone will take the p**s though - i'm slightly intimidating in winter with a very scary lips drawn back, grimaced determination when running
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