Brighton results on Power of 10

Does anyone know how long it normally takes for results to appear. I had a look at my profile today (to enjoy the sight of my new marathon PB) but it's not there. Most other races, even more recent ones, seem to be up there? Has there been a dispute about the race that has invalidated the results?


  • StuHolmesStuHolmes ✭✭✭

    Somebody posted on FB that Brighton have said the results should be posted to power of 10/runbritain some time in the "coming weeks"!

  • I emailed them today and they said "towards the end of next week". Not sure what the delay is, I've replied asking, will let you know if they say anything...

  • StuHolmesStuHolmes ✭✭✭

    Some results appear to be on RunBritain now, up to 3:45:30. Unfortnately I'm not that fast!

  • Nope, nothing on power of 10 or run Britain for me. In the results section it just says "RD contacted". 

  • StuHolmesStuHolmes ✭✭✭

    Seems to only be the first 1500, hope they manage to upload the rest!

  • You can only see the first 6 pages on there, but the others seem to be available in the background to claim your time. Sadly I'm not fast enough to make the top 6 pages but I did go to the Add Performances section and it seemed to validate my time ok
  • yay, finally, though I seem to have dropped 9 places since the initial results...

  • Thanks for the info everyone. Hopefully my result will appear in due course. I just want  that magic sub 4 on my profile! 

  • A little update. I went on to my profile today and my Brighton result still wasn't there. As it's a PB I felt a bit miffed so I emailed Power of 10 to ask them what was going on. They said that the race organisers didn't supply club information for any of the runners so they couldn't match the results. They've now put my result on my profile manually. Another black mark for the Brighton organisation as far as I'm concerned.
  • StuHolmesStuHolmes ✭✭✭

    Yes, I had to manually claim my result on runbritain.

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