GNR Accomodation or camping

Anyone any ideas for late booking accomodation for this years GNR. Are there any nearby campsites?


  • Yorky,

    Nirvana are the official accomodation bookers for the GNR and they're on 0191 293 6593.
    I do know that there are still places available on the Queen of Scandinavia. The DFDS Seaways flagship. It'll be docked on the Tyne, and we (that's RW) are offering accomodation in association with Nirvana. It's two nights B 'n' B, and you also get a pasta party, a post race Celeb dinner, an RW forum and running clinic, transport to and from the race.
  • There is a campsite on the seafront at South Shields just past the finish. I think it is council-run but I don't know name or anything. Sorry but I just remember staggering past it on my way to the bus stop to get back to Newcastle!!
  • I stayed at the camp site at the finish the year i did the GNR (1997 according to my t-shirt). The bus to the start left from just outisde the campsite which is about 5 minutes walk from the finish. The park next to the campsite is used as an overflow campsite for the event.
    I enjoyed it. It was certainly convenient.
  • Hmm....Queen of celeb dinner and as for the pasta party? Dream on! How could such a quality print such as Runner's World be associated with the 'ship'? Shame on you!
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