25m Pool with steps at one end!

I just moved to a new apartment complex (works paying for it not me) and it has a 25m standard shape pool. I was well happy about this as 25m is my prefered training distance and its a regular shaped pool unlike the pool at the last place I was at.

But on seeing the pool, its got steps all the way accross the shallow end!!! How the feck are you ment to tumble turn on that? I guess my only option is to do surface turns without the wall, but they are so inefficant. Any other ideas?

My only other plan was to do laps around the parimter of the pool if I'm the only one there, I used to do that anyway in polo training...



  • Sounds great you lucky 8astard...

    Reminds me of these swim for ever pools you see advertised, the ones that are like a big Jacuzzi and generate a cuurent, I wish I had enough money to build a mini Gym and have one of those in it (nice big flat screen at one end so you could watch your fav movie while in there)...

    >goes off into a dream like trance<
  • >reality dawns and realises he hasnt even got room for a dart board in his terrace<

    Oh and back to the question, if its quiet why not tumble turn at one end and do a loop at the other?

    On a related point - ive entered my first ever Tri (Stratford Sprint in May), ive estimated my time for 400m as 13 mins (I am a bit quicker actually now).

    1) Do swimmers at my level (back of the pack) tend to do tumble turns as I dont know how but intend to learn.

    2) Can you change your swim start group on the day to a faster group?

    Sorry to threadjack.
  • Tumble turns are fairly easy, the only hard bit is getting the distance right. You can't really get too close I find but trying too far away can be a right pain.

  • carl

    i do about 7 and a half minutes and i don't tumble turn. and most people i see at my level and slower seem not to.

    not sure about changing your swim start. but to be honest i wouldn't bother. i doubt it will make masses of difference - i always seem to end up on someones feet for the last couple of laps anyway!
  • and daniel - i'm not talking to you till my green-eyed monster side has gone away again ;-)

    (but the tumble and loop idea sounds like a good one)
  • you could always try parcticing your open water starts from the step :)

    & on the other tangent, tumble turns often aren't allowed in pool tris... and stratford is a fairly busy swim!
  • or yeah you could get them to put a buoy in to practice your turns :)
  • Something i've always wondered....

    if you're training for an open water tri, in say a 25m pool, then should you train without tumble turns as you are effectively giving yourself leverage and increased distance for less effort off the wall, that won't be available during the event.

    ..(unless you use head of the guy behind you!)
  • Yes thats right, if your doing 25m lengths with tumble turns your only swimming about 20m each length.
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