Swaledale Marathon

I did my first Swaledale Marathon this summer and can't wait for next year's. Anyone who fancies the ultimate off road challenge should give it a go. Any takers for details?


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    I'd be interested in details please ?
    Does it go anywhere near Muker ?
  • For anyone interested the Swaledale Marathon takes place every June as part of the Swaledale Festival.

    It's a 24-mile race over some of the bleakest terrain you can imagine. There is no marked route so you have to learn the course or follow someone.

    There is some gut-wrenching climbs and if I remember right you climb 4,000 feet in total.

    It starts and finishes in Reeth village. It's all off-road and if you can do a road marathon in 3hrs you'll probably be ablle to get round this in just under 4hrs.

    Boys (and girls if you think yer 'ard enough) this is a real tough one.

    It's always fully subscribed by January so get your entries in quick
  • I'd be well interested in this event as I always find the last 6 miles in a Marathon the hardest (i.e. from 20 miles onwards) so as this event is only 24 miles it should suit me
    Best Wishes and see you in Swaledale
  • hey,don't publicise this too much, theres a limit of 600 and I'd like to run it again next year.
  • To John and others who struggle in the last six miles of a marathon you need to read my previous posting. Ther is 4000 feet of climbing.

    There is also rough terrain. It's all off road and there are streams and bogs to cross.

    This does not compare in any way to a road marathon. I was talking to a guy who was well behind me this year in 4hrs 20 and he'd done the London marathon in 3hr 15 so that gives you an idea of how tough it is.

    Entries come out about December. Limit is 500.

    Go for it
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