Can anyone recommend where to buy running shoes in Glasgow.I don't want to spend a fortune,just about £40 - £60 but i don't want to end up buying the wrong thing.


  • Best thing to do is go to either Sweatshop Glasgow which is over in Anniesland (West).Follow A81 (?) to Aberfoyle,when you go past a Safeways on your right,take the next left at lights,right at next lights and follow road round to the left.Sweatshop is in the Next Generation Health Club on the right.They will be able to give you good advice and recommend the right type of shoe.They also have quite a few shoes on sale at the moment.

    The other option is to pop into Greaves Sports on Gordon Street in the city centre.They have a running section downstairs and staff with specialist running knowledge.If you tell them your requirements they will be able to help you out?Good luck....
  • I don't think I've ever spent more than £60 on a pair of trainers.

    And once you find a pair that suits you - look for sales.
  • Achilles Heel just off Byres Road are excellent. I buy all my gear from them.
  • Wedge Shoes

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  • Dear Mr London , or may I call you Unze ?

    Those shoes are just not suitable for running in. 



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