Cross training whilst injured

For the last 4 weeks since I injured myself doing a 1/2 marathon (self diagnosed -- but I am a Vet not a Doctor!-- probably periostitis or a strained tendon at top of my fibula not quite painful enough for a stress fracture.)I have been doing elliptical trainer sessions/bikes in the gym and also some mountain biking.I've been spending the same time and intensity training as my previous running sessions; ie about 1 hour 5 times/week.I'm doing a 10km race tomorrow. Anyone hazard a guess as to whether I've lost much fitness and speed? Since starting running again 9 months ago after a 20 year plus break I've run two 49 minute 10kms a couple of months ago.


  • I wouldn't like to guess at what you've lost but I would be interested to know how you get on as I'm currently 1/3 of my way through an enforced 6 week lay off & am also cross training at the same intensity as I was running.

    Good luck tomorrow.
  • Thanks Pizza man, I'll let you know how I get on.
  • RB, you're not still out there?
    You must have lost a bit more than you thought!

    Just kidding. How'd it go?
  • Despite an extremely hilly course, very strong headwinds and sheeting rain I managed 52 minutes.I still felt quite strong at the end.A couple of people who I usually beat, beat me by a minute or so today.I would say that not running and 4 weeks of cross training may have taken the edge off my breathing/ cardiac efficiency but not had much effect on my leg strength.
    Pizza man;From my experience you won't be running much slower at all; in better conditions and on a flatter couse I may have achieved my usual time.
    More importantly for me today, I didn't have any hint of pain from my injury!
  • Well done RB, it must have been great finnishing the race without even a twinge & only a minute or so behind people you usualy beat.
    This should give me some idea of where I'll be in 4 weeks.
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