Any evidence that running boosts your testosterone naturally ?

Do women get an equivalent hormone boost ?


  • Only when taking part in a conversation with three Ironmen. Didn't know until then that testosterone was palpable ...
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Down, Jj!!

    Stop thinking about men in Lycra. You know what it does to your blood pressure! :o)
  • A heinous slur on my character!!

    (It's the wetsuits, actually, Ness)
  • Apparently distance running can reduce the level of testosterone in men.
  • Chris Boardman had to retire from cycling partly due to having low testosterone. He could have taken stuff to get it back to normal, but that was a prohibited substance.
    So no - don't think so.
  • A good reason not to do too much mileage Cougie!
  • There is research evidence that WINNING naturally boosts testosterone - but the research was done on boxers. Not aware of any equivalent research done on female boxers !
  • so too much running could be bad for the hormones, could develop breasts and have low sex drive etc?
    Cycling too? And thats supposed to be bad for the prostate, penile nerves etc.
    Oh no! Why does all this excercise make me feel so great in the light of all this?
  • Scott, it's those other hormones, endorphins, that makes us feel so good.

    The low testosterone also makes it less likely that you will be able to father male babies! Apparently.
  • well the endorphins certainly reach the parts that other thngs dont..........!!!!
  • Barb
    cant believe that endurance running reduces testosterone.

    Anyway, must dash, have to refresh the potpourri and plan tomorrow's shopping
  • It seems to be only when you do more than 30m/week so watch that mileage Bri.
  • eeek 30 miles a week isn't much

    might explain why runners all look so weedy and scrawny though lol
  • Calm and mellow as well!
  • So sitting on the couch watching the rugby with a beer in hand is not lazy...its testosterone replenishment.
    Ta Barb
  • Then you'll develop diabetes, get nerve damage....Can't win Bri.
  • Jj you might have been the source of the testosterone.... grrrrrrrr

    the forum's own bella comerford
  • i didn't mean source did i? i meant object
  • It's all about balance isnt it. Ying and yang, cheese and onion, guinness and ... erm ... another guinness.
    I'm going to do the 30 and take the risk with the potpourri.
  • Candy
    that was a cross post, was replying to Barb
  • i sort of figured that out
  • my night off running tonight so just poured a very big bourbon - first of a few. I know I'll regret it in the morning - why does it always have such a sting in its tail. BUT I know the booze wiull give the droop - but running gives me incredibles hard-ons (Am I allowed to say that on here)?
  • You'll soon find out!
  • erm scott you are, but you can't ever run in lycra shorts again
  • but rubber will be ok with Jj
  • hey the lycra is no problem - we men love it, pretend its all quite macho but get off on it
  • Scott, methinks you have an unhealthy obsession with your penis. Not good in a man.
  • But Barbara, I thought that was all men's first and foremost obsession??!!

    Oh, I'll never understand.

    <<walks ponderously back to thesis>>
  • Blimey Scott - just looked back on your posts. Every thread you start IS connected to your w*lly !

    I've heard of blokes thinking with it, but never typing with it. Please - enough ?

    We'll start to think you might be someone trying to cover up something with all this talk.
  • i bet he has a tiny car as well cougs
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