Power Breathe

Anyone convinced by this product???


  • Good question. I'd considered buying one. Anyone use one?
  • I am a mild Asthmatic, I've been using Powerbreathe for a couple of weeks. I think it's doing me some good but it's early days.
  • Anyone else used it with positive results????
  • Someone must be using one
  • I have used the PowerBreathe for about 3 months now and I have quickly increased the level on it. How that translates into better performances over time is difficult to judge however I do find that if I use directly before I go running it makes a big difference with my breathing.

    I do think that it is overpriced at £50 though.
  • Yes but so much easier than speed sessions.
  • What exactly is it?
  • A device you breathe into to supposedly train the lungs???
  • Yes me have one, and Im finding it a very good piece of equipment,use it AM and PM 30 breaths each time, and it can be hard work, depending on the level you have it set on.

    I have also used it as a warm up device, to get the lungs going before a cold morning.

    Since having the power breathe I have found my breathing to be alot easier.

    Is it all in the mind........probably, but im happy with the product and I will continue to use it.
  • Do you use it whilst running I wonder ?
  • No before
  • I've just ordered one of these today - wife and daughter both have mild asthma - and I thought it may help with my running. Will keep you posted.
  • Wouldn't blowing balloons up be almost as good ?

    (if not better - cheaper, plus you get balloons to play with ?)
  • Too cheap and not gadget therefore has less appeal.
  • So, what's the conclusion? Does powerbreathe suck?

    Sorry, couldn't resist the obvious gag.
  • I used one over the summer when I was a guinea pig for a phd student looking at inspiritory muscle strength in endurance cyclists and I definately want one for Christmas! They ain't cheap though -which I guess stops everyone using one and therefore giving you no advantage ;-)
  • I think i am convinced and obviously want an easier way to run faster than doing all the training I keep missing
  • I have just ordered one but have yet to recieve it. Surely you still need to do the speed training aswell? I thought it would create speed training easier and therefore you would be able to speed up until it hurts like before using it etc. I am hoping to see a difference in my PB's.
    (A big difference for 50 quid)
  • Of course you would really but i am an optomist and a gadget freak
  • There are different versions available - Powerbreathe has got the easiest name to remember but there was an article in Peak Perforamce recently which suggested an alternative one - as you can increase the resistance on it as you get fitter.

    If I can find the article when I get home tonight - and (big if) if the computer hasn't crashed again - I'll post the details of the alternatives.
  • 3 different sorts..

    PowerLung - (only...£110!) - www.peakcentre.ca/powerlung.htm - this is the one with the 'threshold resistance cells with independent adjustment controls. Once a certain no. of reps can be completed at a given level of resistance, the resistance can be increased'.

    SportsBreather - don't know where you get it from - try an internet search

    www.powerbreathe.com - or via Leisure Systems International Ltd - tel 01926 816177

    As I do a personable impression of Thomas the Tank Engine everytime I run, I've been wondering if I should try to get one of these things - but keep wondering 'would I really use it?'
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