FLM Newbie - Panicking!!!

I have only done 16ish miles (on Friday), which took me over 3 hours, and I thought I might just die on the last 2 (probably the last 4 actually!!)

I am now panicking,as it is only a few weeks away, and still cant imagine completing 26.2 miles. Is this normal, or should I be finding the 16miles much easier? Any advice comments welcome!!



  • perfectly normal. training's supposed to be hard to challenge your body to make the changes needed to get you round on the day.

    are you following a plan?
  • Kind of following the Runners World one. Although have yet to receive this months mag so no idea what I am doing this week!!

    Have had a couple of niggles over the past few weeks so have not done what I intended - had to pull out of the RW training run in Richmond after the first lap last week.

    Am planning on doing a lesser amount, but faster this weekend, then the 16mile Breakfast run in Kingston in 2 weeks time. Then I was thinking of doing a 20 miler as my last really long run (or could I fit another run in on the 3/4th April. Does this sound realistic. Orignally had hopped to be doing 20 this weekend, having done the Silverstone half (which I also had to pull out of) this w/e.

  • You'll be OK Victoria. Just make sure you get that 20 miler in. I wouldn't do another one with 2 weeks to go though. That's too close to the day for you.
  • Victoria
    There are training plans available for download on this website...
    Look at the top tabs. (Home,Events, Training, Health Gear, Forums)
    In the Training section there's another tab called "Racing" which contains a list of links to "key articles"
    OK you can read them all, but obviously I would suggest reading the "racing basics" and "marathon" and "RW Schedules week 9". You will also find plans for "The get-you-round schedule" and "advanced".
    It's always worth looking at the plan for the next grade up, to see what it is that they are supposed to be doing.

    My humble suggestion is that your primary concentration (as indeed you intimate) is the single long endurance run. BUT more miles done means that this becomes easier. Try and get 30 to 35 miles per week somehow, but don't despair if you miss the odd slot.
  • Victoria

    I only got up to 16 miles before I did the FLM 03 and faired well.

    Don't worry the panic and paronia are perfectly normal, just see the FLM thread light up about 2 weeks before the off.

    Chill out and enjoy the trianing.

  • April 3/4 should be the first week of you taper so I wouldn't recommend you do a 20 that day. maybe do 18 this weekend, then Kingston 16, then 20, then taper.
  • HIgs - You said there to try and do an 18miler this weekend, have also been advised to do a shorter distance this w/e dut to the number of niggles I am getting (seem to be permanently limping at the moment!!) and therefore reduce the impact on my legs etc. So confused!!! Maybe will see how I feel on Friday, and make the call then.

    Thanks for all of your advise though - definitly calmed my nerves - for the moment anyway!!!

  • 'twas just a suggestion to do an 18miler. I don't know what your niggles are or how serious thay are.

    One thing's for sure though - you will do better on the day turning up with less injuries and having missed the 18 miler than having done the 18 miler and carrying a serious injury. Like you say, see how you feel on Fri. If it's any consolation I cut my run this weekend from 22 to 15 based on how I was feeling. I reckon I did the right thing.

    One last thing - how many miles have you done in your shoes? how many pairs do you have? If you've been upping your mileage you may have worn them out quicker than expected. Time to phase in a new/different pair?
  • Have 2 pairs on the go - v knowledgable advisor/assistant in Sweatshop Milton Keynes helped me out there, so think that is OK.

    Niggles not too serious at the moment (I think!) but want to keep it that way, and not make them any worse.

    Thanks for your help
  • do you run off road or on the road? (or heaven forbid, entirely on pavement?)

    doing your long runs on a trail, towpath, cycle path or whatever saves a lot of wear and tear on the legs
  • Victoria, i am completly new to running, running for charity in FLM, started my training about 6 weeks ago. So far all my runs have been less than 18miles and all on roads/pavements! Was planning on doing 20miles on sunday. I did the half marathon at silverstone yesterday which was good and feel ok today, but get pain in my ankle/foot after and during the last few miles of nearly every run. I wasnt planning on doing more than 22 miles before running FLM. But am becoming more and more nervous, after all the horror stories, would like to hit the wall prior to doing it so i know HOW MUCH much it hurts!! ANYONE WITH ANY ADVICE???
  • Ed

    Don't worry about experiencing what the wall feels like as each time you go through it is very different.

    I hit the wall at about 22 miles on the FLM 03 but didn't even hit it during the Dublin marathon.

    I'd forget the horror stories and enjoy the whole experience, by the time you go through the gates the whole thing just carries you round.

    When I turned the corner onto Tower Bridge I nearly burst into tears with the amount of energy being poured out by the crowd.

  • Ed

    Do enough long runs in training (and it looks like you are) and you won't hit the wall.

    Fret not, you'll be fine - enjoy it.


  • why do you want to 'hit the wall'.... why not just eat enough over the course of the race, say from mile two onwards, so you dont??
  • Victoria
    The FLM website medic advises that if you can't comfortably run 15 M a month before race day then don't bother.
    You're already past that point with a few weeks in hand! You'll be fine!
    I've only done one marathon before - on just two and a half months training. My longest run was 18 or 19 miles two weeks before and I got round in one piece, albeit slowly.
    Your training sounds more consistent so I am sure you will be OK.
    I am training for FLM too and have only got up to 11 miles so far as have had a cold!!
    It's me who should be panicking!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks for all you advice!

    Candy - I do my long runs on a trail/path - which makes a change as all my other runs are pavement bound as I live in London.

    Re the comments on the wall, already have one experience of it (I think?!?) - early on in my training and was cos I wasn't taking the whole long run thing seriously enough. Felt like someone had attached lead weights to all my muscles, and just felt like standing on the spot and crying till someone came past to give me a lift!! V girly I know!! Thankfully I did refrain myself but ended up predominantly walking what seemed like miles to get back to my car! Wouldn't recomend the experience!
  • What sort of things can i take that are going to be easy to eat as i run? Sorry, i am a complete amateur when it comes to running, the 1/2 marathon at silverstone was my first ever proper run!
  • Guinevere,
    You've made me feel better, as my training was going to schedule, but I've had niggling injuries, so my last long run was approx 14 miles, and last week i did 10 but on the treadmill. I've had advice today and hopefully will still be in on 18th. So I'm back out to my long run this week and see how I feel. Do you think as long as i get one 20 in before FLM, I should be ok?? I've done it once before in 01. Hope so, good luck to you.
  • Ed
    You need to be trying energy gels out on your training runs, you can get them from health shops and specialist running shops. easy to carry, and as runners world recommended jelly babies, quick sugar fix to keep things going!!
  • keep up the good work have just done bury 20 in 3.24 and should feel good but i just feel very deflated as the 2 days after felt really ill, although i have been told that it was equal to a 24 london but still feel extremely worried about london . i did the wyndham 10 yesterday and struggled, i think the nxt 6 weeks will be very stressful.
  • ed - try out energy gels or energy bars to see which work for you

    boots do a reasonable energy bar (the banana and toffee one) - see if a bite of that with a swig of water every mile works for you
  • total crap to the FLM website

    you will all be fine
    It is possible to do a mara on less than 10 miles longest run----i did(not FLM)

    the day will help you round
    you will all be fine
    Do what you can, enjoy, and stop panicking
    the wall is a psychology for most
  • Don't worry. I did my first i/2 marathon in Connemara last March. Every time I upped the mileage my legs felt like lead. I thought I was going to die on my first 6-miler, my first 8-miler and so on.

    When I saw the course (hilly!!), I thought I wouldn't make it but came in just over 2-hours, driven by the adrenlanine of the day.

    I started training for the FLM in late December, and did my first three-hour run on Sunday. Familiar 'legs like lead feeling', but in my limited experience of running, this will help build endurance, stamina etc. I am hoping that the crowd and the day will get us round without hitting the wall.

    Good Luck from a 40-something novice!
  • Denise
    Glad to have been of some help! what time are you aiming for? I am hoping for a sub -5 but anything less than my very slow 5.27 will be a PB for me!!
    I am now feeling a bit better as I realised I did my 10 miler at 10 min miling, so if I can stay injury free and NOT PANIC I should be OK.

    Plodding hippo.. You are right about the wall. In my marathon last year I had two bottles of Lucozade Sport, had boyfriend on standby at mile 19 with a bottle of High 5 caffeine and guarana drink, had a gel at mile 23 and probably scoffed a couple of jelly babies as well and I never hit the wall, I just had sore hip joints in the last few miles.

    Clearly I was knackered as otherwise I would have come in faster but I felt surprisingly Ok at the end. After bursting into tears at the finish line anyway!!

    Good luck everyone! The stress and the strain will all be worth it!
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