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Was wondering if anyone has any experience of arm warmers for the cycle stage of  a long tri. Doing Monster Mojo this weekend, and I'm aware the water's going to be cold - but, at the moment, the weather forecast is good so I'm not sure I want to put a jacket on on the bike. Was wondering whether arm warmers with my pirate monaco would give me a half-way alternative.

Thoughts welcome - thanks.


  • looking at the forecast, I doubt you'll need them... but can't see an issue with starting with them, and then if needed rolling them up and sticking them in your back pockets...

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Arm warmers are great, warmer than the sum of their parts.  That said id want more than just arm warmers if racing long distance early May, possible a gilet or light weight jacket.

    Much depends on the temperature, wind and any rain forecast.  If dry and warming up later in the morning you may get away with arm warmers only?

    You need to be aware of the morning temperature, not just the forecast for the day.  While it maybe 20 degrees forecast by 13.00, it could be a cloudless night any only up to 6-7 degrees at 08.00 when youre starting the bike?

  • i always wear them.. they go up and down as you climb up the mountains


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    seren nos wrote (see)

    i always wear them.. they go up and down as you climb up the mountains



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    Grin - one lap of the Mojo bike course has a total climb of 78 feet, so I should be safe there. My wife looked at the vertical trace of the route, spotted one slight undulation and said "that's probably the kerb stone on the road!".

  • Great bits of kit, as above have said. I wear them rolled down to start and as Seren has said - they come up and down depending how high she gets!

  • Roll them up and stick them on your Tri bars, ready for when you need them
  • Love armwarmers. Wore mine in London Marathon this year- unseasonably cold at the start but warmer by mid way.

    There's nothing worse than being too cold on the bike.

    That said if the weather is picking up like they say - you'll be fine - but last weekend up here you needed full wet weather kit and a sou'wester.
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    Thanks for responses - I've ordered a pair. Breaks the rule of "never try something new for the first time in a race" but, as someone said, if they don't work I can always roll them up or stuff them in a pocket. Weather looks to be definitely going in the right direction for Sunday, but I'll believe it when I see it!

  • Always roll them in to a polo shape else you will never get them on after the swim .....ever tried putting Lycra on wet skin ?? image

  • How can you not have a pair? They're awesome. Prendas do some great meraklon ones.
  • I've got a Merino wool pair.... bloody awesome!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
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    Meldy - thanks for tip - will do! Although if the temperature keeps going up, I'm not sure how long they are going to stay on. BB's point above is well taken, though - there's a heck of a difference between 6:45am and 10am at the moment.

  • Arm warmers are the best arm armor when the weather is cold! :)
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Down to my last 10 pairs. I ride in the alps most years and they are beyond valuable. 

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