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Where do I start? I've not got a clue. Guess i need a bike but have no idea about where and how to get one.. and what I should be looking for? People tell me second hand.. but where do you start with that one?

any advice would be very appreciated!


  • Hi

    I'm really keen on taking up triathlon as well. Just got myself a new road bike - nothing special, but a good price nonetheless. If you go to and click on "road racing bikes" and then "Claude Butler" there's a bike available for £169.99 Obviously if you want something with a better spec, then they are available as well.

    Hope this helps!
  • TRIANDRUN do a tri starter kit

  • Hi Benja

    I see from your profile you’re a marathon runner so you should have no trouble with the stamina, I guess the key to what you need and spec wise is how competitive and serious you are re competing at Tri. The initial outlay can vary quite a bit depending on this.

    If you just want to see what its like id go for a cheap bike (you can always relegate it to a training bike and get a better one later). As Sparks pointed out there are reasonably priced new bikes about. I would suggest you get a new one rather than second hand, also go to a good bike shop because the fitting is the key, e.g. correct alignment and distance between the pedals/handlebars.

    On the other higher spec bikes (Giant, Cannondale, Specialised, Airbourne etc) start from £400 - £500 and the component specs, weight etc changes accordingly.

    Along with the bike your going to need about £100 - £300 of other cycling kit – shoes, helmet, gloves, shorts, top, lights?, spare tube, pike tool, pump, tri bars?, bottle & cage etc.

    You probably don’t need to worry about a wet suit for the time being as a lot of Tri’s have pool swims and you can also hire them otherwise.

    Good luck.
  • Ive been to a dhop and they recommended the giant ocr3 ands the ridgeback day00

    these are both more expensive than i was hoping (399 and 349), but they both have aliminum frames which, apparanty, is important. (?)

    Now, the ridgeback only has flat handles, but the giant comes with a choice of flate or drop... ? any suggestions?

    (and what about this aliminum stuff?)
  • Drop handlebars if you want to do it properly. Flat if you just want a bike to play around on.

    Aluminium is just one of many different frame materials - and comes in all shapes and grades.

    Steel can also be very good for more expensive bikes though.
  • whatever bike you get, you'll only want to upgrade it in 6 months anyway

    so i'd get a cheap one for now were i you
  • ocr3 is definitley the way to go, i have the ocr2 and they are pretty good. you can upgrade them a fair bit if you like in the future as the frame is pretty good quality.

    as for aluminium, pretty much all the frames in your price range will be aluminium with steel forks. the next step up is alu w/carbon forks (a little more comfort) then you get into carbon/alu hybriud frames/titanium etc etc.

    i'd stay away from steel, you don't see anyone riding steel bike near the front of the race in a tri. they are good for comfort not for speed.

    finally if you want a bike that you can go to work and back on and use for the odd tri the genesis would be fine. it just has a less 'aero position'. you can add clip on tri bars too it if you need to in the future also...

  • yep OCR's are greate entry level bikes - i've got one and still use it as a training bike - great to ride
  • Thanks all for advice.

    a few people have suggested Lemond bikes

    in particular: Reno (£699) and Nevada City (£499) and views on these?

  • or ven the ocr 01?

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