Sunday Session - 20 October

It's long run day for most Forumite runners today.. except those of us choosing a lazier path!

What: Nothing.
Why: I'm going out today all day!

Last hard: Yesterday
Last rest: Today.


  • Morning all,
    What: 2 hour slow run
    Why: Last long run before marathon
    Last hard: Thursday I suppose, but as it is a tapering time it didn't feel that hard so does that count? If not then the last hard was last Sundays long run.
    Rest: Friday

    It is winter again, a heavy frost up here in Inverness this morning but a lovely day all the same.
  • Unusually for me, a morning session.

    what: 20-25 minute v gentle run round Thurstaston Hill with Matthew as part of his school's half-term training regime

    why: fitted in with my own schedule, keen to see how M ran on a slightly longer outing than usual - he was fine & enjoyed it. Pity about the weather - bit of sun & would have been glorious - but instead cold, dull, damp & muddy.

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Thu
  • Good luck to all racing today
  • 8 miler around the lanes and Cornish Villages. Went out expecting force humungous gales and rain and it turned lovely.
  • Did a stress test on the treadmill in the gym as its raining.

    Must adnmit to being a fair weather runner putside, hate the rain except in races.

    Good luck to all in forthcoming races, especially first timers and marathoners.
  • Bought some gloves so the cycle wasn't as painful.
    Hey Hilly, how're feeling today?

    What - 2 hour off road cycle.
    Why - Can't run 'cause of torn calf muscle. This was meant to replace long run but my HR mst have gone far too high on the uphills & too low on the downs. Ho hum. Still only another week & I'll be able to use the cross trainer & stepper.
    Last hard run - 14 days
    Next hard run - 27 days
  • What: 16 miler
    Why: The long, slow build-up to FLM begins.
    Last hard run: Today
    Last rest day: Friday

    Seriously knackered, the combination of trying to clear out the garden this weekend coupled with my usual workout routine has left me seriously wanting in the energy department.
  • Hi PM,

    I'm feeling much better today thanks.

    I was in bed by 8.30 last night with a migraine and felt awful. I don't know why I felt so bad yesterday. It could well be down to a very heavy week at work, being on my feet for 8hrs a day and then training after and racing on the weekends finally took its toll!

    Anyway the calf isn't as bad as I thought. I iced it yesterday and gave it a gentle massage this morning and I think it's just a mild strain, so a couple of days should see it right.

    I've decided not to race for the next 2 weeks and then only to do a 10k MAYBE, before doing Cheddar. I looked in my running diary and I've done 25 races so far this year. The signs are there to take it a bit easier, I need to listen if I want to finish the year injury free!

    Anyhow, thanks for asking. I'm glad your torn calf is healing. Not long now and you'll be back running!

    I've thought of getting some Flight socks, a bit like what Paula R wears as they are supposed to be good for helping blood circulating around the calves. I do tend to suffer with my calves so they might help.
  • i raced 5 miles at Lytham, it was cold and wet but i ran a PB of 33.30, havent raced this distance since i was a junior back in 1997, since then i've been concentrating on longer distance, was pleased with the race and i know i couldve gone quicker!
  • Hi all. Weather's miserable now but earlier this morning it was dry, although cold.

    What: did Scott King 5 miler at Hucknall
    Why: it was there!
    Last rest day: yesterday
    Last hard day: today. I got another PB!! (okay, okay it was 49:42 but that's under 50 mins which was what I was aiming for!). Not doing too badly for someone as stressed as I am at the moment!
  • 5 miles on treadmill with incline, took me an hour, then some stepping and cooldown on bike
    Not good, but at least I went
    Now wheres my half marathon schedule
  • What: Waterbeach half (see race report in events.) Definitely lady luck was running with us. An event which had been at the heart of my thoughts for ten months did not disappoint in any way.

    Now what next. Maybe I'll give that a thread of its own, perhaps under events.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What : Fleet 10k
    Why : I was racing

    I will post a race report , but wheter it will be tonight or tomorrow remains debatable.
    I feel fine but wife has been ill since Friday,when daughter #1 was sent home with infection.Daughter #2 looks like she has more teeth on the way and is therefore miserable.So being the only healthy one I've been playing doctors and am knackered.
    (Still trying to get the wife to play nurses, but thats another story :D)
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Baby daughter born in early hours of the morning!!!!
    (Oh and speed session yesterday).
  • Congratulations Filbert!
  • Many congrat's on the new cub, Filbert! :-)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Congrats Filbert
  • Who needs a speed session
    youve done a marathon with your wife
    well done1
  • Congrats filbert.

    What: Long run (two hours)
    Why: Several reasons, 1. Have done a longish run since the marathon so needed to give my body a try out, 2. Wanted to see if the niggly pulls I picked up at the marathon resurfaced; and 3. Wanted to try out a long run HR and practice keeping below 160. Managed to keep below 160 by slowing on hills, but found downhill HR v.low, overall average for run 151.
    Last Hard day: Well today
    Last rest day: Thursday.

    Probably about 70% convinced myself to run Frankfurt marathon.
  • Congrats Filbert. Having run with two of my cubs in a half Sunday, thinking of the huge fun we've had with ours, I wish you every bit as much!

  • Many thanks all.
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