Croydon 10k 20/10/02

Well done for all those who have just completed the 10km Croydon run today,and boy i thought it was very cold,just missed my PB but i never really intended to run that fast at the off.

Well done to all those anyway and to the crowd at the finish line for cheering us all on.


  • Well done Speedied! Sometimes I find the cold makes me run faster, so I can get back and warm again.

  • Well done Speedie, I was doing the Cabbage Patch race and I was 30 secs a mile faster today because of the cold !
    Don't suppose if you know if Jill O'Connor won her race at Croyden ?
  • Sorry Triathlon boy not sure on any results at the mo,just wanted to get in the warm,but well done for your run today.
  • Having taken up running over the last six months this was my first competitive 10K run ever and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sorry to say that by the time I got to the finish line (1:03) all the fast runners had long gone and I therefore missed the ceremonies. Nevertheless, I would like to thank the organisers/stewards and I certainly hope to be there next year.
  • well done mrs Pepperpot, I to like this race,its done twice a year so look out for the early one in spring, last time it was the sunday b4 the london marathon so im guessing april again next time.
  • Thanks Speedie, I didn't know that this race was run twice a year. I shall look out for it when it is advertised in Runners World. I am hoping to get into the London Marathon, so I shall need all the help I can get ! In a way I am looking forward to the Marathon (If I get in) but on the other hand it is a daunting task to be able to run that distance. Have you run the London Marathon and did you survive the experience ?
  • Well done Mrs Peperpot
    Found out Gill O'Connor finished 2nd , I think Elinor Rest came in first.
    Mrs Pepperpot, when you do the marathon, you're love it, it's a fantastic day out.
    I did it for the first time this year, thought I would say never again but want to do it again.
    I suffered with a knee problem on 18 miles, but the crowds, the excitement and the other runners was there to help me along.
    I walked/jogged the last 8 miles but managed to do it in 4hr 50 min, I was hoping to do it in 3hr 50 mins.
    There's always next year.
  • well done you all for running croydon or the cabbage patch or else.
    just a note about croydon. the run was good and the cold was cold indeed. the only thing is that distance markers would have made pacing easier, don't you think???
    i had my best time on the distance, though, so i cannot really complain!!!
  • Damsico, Maybe for novice runners it is better not to have distance markers as psychologically it could put a damper on your running. Better to run into the unknown !! However, for me personally I would have preferred it, like you I could have paced my last couple of Kms better and perhaps finished faster. Glad to hear that you finished on a PB. Does anyone have any idea whether the finishing times are going to be published anywhere ??
  • Mrs Pepperpot, race results I think are in the Croydon advertiser and im also thinking that the paper is due out on fridays ( but not sure )failing that I have the race results being posted to me no problem in letting you know.
  • Speedie, thanks for your response. I will buy Croydon Advertiser this week, if all fails would appreciate a copy. Will let you know.
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