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Hello all,
I am hoping some of the aquanauts out there can help me. In lieu of running I am swimming every weekday morning. Over the last week or so my left ear seems congested/squelchy for two or three hours after leaving the pool. I am assuming there must be some water still sloshing around? Any guidance as to how to resolve this? Headstands? Hairdryer and straw?


  • Can't you get some eardrops that 'dry' the ear somehow ? I think.
  • I wear ear plugs when swiming (if i remember)

    Otherwise i resort to Sudafed to fix it aftewards
  • you can get eardrops, can't remember what they're called......
    look on here, under 'accessories' link, it's called 'swim ear'.
  • FF, whatever you do don't stick a hairdryer next to your squelchy ear - it could lead to all sorts of nasty infections...
  • squelchy ear on hot towel normally sorts mine out.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    FF, if you're doing breast-stroke or crawl you shouldnt get it. leave out the tumble turns, back stroke and side drills and you should be ok...?

    I get it once or twice during a session. Just tilt your headand give it a few quick shakes.......make sure no-one is watching first!

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  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    If you DO use ear-plugs, dont do what my friend did and use foam ones. bless!
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  • i get it when i try bilateral breathing
  • ear-plugs
  • Many thanks all, I'll give the headbanging (a la Daz) a try or failing that the Swimear
  • make sure you wash your earplugs regularly - chlorine notwithstanding, there was a nauseating report in a motorbike magazine this weekend about the nasty things that like to breed on earplugs
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    M, yeh I get it for the same reason (bilateral and side drills). just needs a good shake every now and then.
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    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • I had this problem a few years ago and ignored it, hoping it would go away. I didn't. It eventually got so bad that it had gooey ears all day long, obviously affecting my hearing.
    I went to my doctor to sort it out and he prescribed a nasal spray called Flixonase. He told me that this problem is very difficult to get rid of, and he was right, I used the spray for nearly a year before the problem was solved.
    My advice:
    1. Wear earplugs. I prefer the "chewy" silicon ones because they provide a very good seal.
    2. You can buy some eardrops to help remove the water. I think they are called Swim Ear, try swimrite.com.
    3. If the problem persists go and see your doctor, don't let it get out of hand or you'll be stuck with it for ages.

  • 10 mm drill and a Black and Decker.
  • Seems I'm not alone then.
    Does anyone know whether the water is in the ear outside the eardrum (which could be fixed by eardrops, hot towels, headbanging) or inside (which could be fixed by Sudafed and the Flixonase)?
    Or is it both?
  • Sudafed, Flixonase, etc all cure the problem, but the best approach is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Well fitting earplugs do this.
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