Baby Jogger

I wonder if anyone else has experienced problems with the Baby Jogger "Joggeroo" pushchair. I have run about 500 miles with my son in it, mainly on roads, and now the frame has twisted such that the rear wheels point outwards by about 4deg. This A) wears out the tyres very quickly, and B) makes it harder to push. Any comments?


  • I also have problems with my jogger, sorry I don't know what model it is. The frame has twisted and the wheels sre pointing inwards.
    As for the tyres, we're just about through our third set on the back wheels (still got the original on the front)and it's only 2 years old.
  • I have a Baby Jogger 2 , its done well over 500 miles mainly offroad , been pushed,carried , dragged up mountains and i've had no problems with the frame twisting or tyres wearing out ...... plenty off punctures though .....
  • DFH,
    check the frame joints by the wheels where the frame pivots to fold down.Sometimes the black plastic joints are rivetted and the rivets work loose. Failing that, email baby jogger in the states (site is I've always found them to be helpful with advice and they seem to be more switched on than the UK distributor.
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