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  • Just realised I had posted in here in October 2018 - Well Since then, it has Come back as stated above..
  • https://www.webmd.com/brain/home-remedies-vertigo

    These are all the rehab tests for bbpv, i,e vertigo. They can all be performed safely at home with someones assistance. Also google the dix hallpike manoeuvre, as it can give you a good indication that you're suffering from vertigo. The best cure for balance  problems is reintroducing things that trigger it as it will force your brain to compensate and adjust. Antisickness medication and stopping normal activities can lead to a vicious cycle where it will actually get worse. The only way you will know for certain is if you go for balance testing, which will need a referal from your GP and would obviously stress that this is the first avenue you follow. 
  • Hi Topolino...
    I don't believe mine is Vertigo.. I am on my 2nd course of vertigo medication (both different) and it has done nothing, in fact, I think it makes it worse - Also I went to a chiropractor who did the Dix Hallpike manoeuvre and it didn't bring vertigo on.

    The dizziness only happens outdoors - I can run on a treadmill for hours and have no problems, ride a exercise bike, no problems.
  • Hi Jadeamba, you'll need to be referred for further balance testing as the dix hallpike although used by Ent and balance specialist audiologists isn't an all encompassing test. You will need air/water caloric testing with video goggles that will monitor your eyes, this will allow for a more accurate assessment of your condition, although just to forewarne you that this isn't a nice test. If you do feel that its a balance problem I would really recommend doing as much movement based activity as possible as this is the most effective form of rehabilitation, rest will often make the problem worse.
  • That underlines my point that a negative dix halpike test doesn't mean you don't have vertigo. 
  • Hi Topolino, thank you for sending that through.
    I will definitely look into it.. I am currently going down the anxiety path as it very well may be that I work myself up into such a stress that it is causing it.. worth a shot anyways..
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    Peanut25 said:
    I have done a treadmill heart test, but of course it didn't happen because I was inside on a treadmill! So frustrating that there is no solution. I guess I'm just going to have to live with it.
    Go to your GP and request a 24hr heart monitor and then go for your runs outside as per usual. It'll give them a better indication if it's cardiovascular or otherwise.
  • Interesting to read. I have had vague lightheadedness/spaced out feeling since August 2018. I did not stop running though, and even managed to do a half marathon PB in 1 hour 17 min and managed to do a 10k in 34 mins the other day. When I am running I feel generally ok, although I do feel a bit off. I also get a heavy feeling in the left side of my head/ear, and sometimes when I run there is a slight clicking in my left ear. The neurologist thinks it may be pppd or vestibular migraine and has prescribed Pizotifen which I am a bit reluctant to use. Have had various tests and scans but still can't get fully better. Also that lightheaded feeling when standing up sometimes which could be low bp.
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    Jadaemba, I'm so glad to see you have made some progress. Good luck
  • Hi Emma, Unfortunately it has come back and is possibly worse than it has been - I had to run back to the car yesterday, about 200m and it happened :(
    My Dr has referred me to a ENT so hopefully that will bring a change.. In the meantime, I will be doing my marathon training on a treadmill = 20 miles on a treadmill, wish me luck!!!
  • May be you simply doesn't have enough strength for the run? And this is the result?
  • AnnaHenke - I wish it was this because that would be fixable.
    I can't even walk 1km briskly without this happening.

    I can run/walk for miles on the treadmill, bike on a turbo trainer for hours and am fine, as soon as I go outdoors, I get dizzy....

    If it was strength related I would imagine it would happen all the time, not just outdoors.
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    I get this after every cold for a few weeks. Doctor said (after about 15 years!) that it is Eustachian tube dysfunction. I just run with it and it gets no worse and eventually goes on its own. It's worse when I stand up from a table or bend over to get to the fridge for example. Not sure if this helps :-)
  • Just thought I would give an update for anyone else still struggling...
    I have recently had some tests done with the ENT and unfortunately they have advised that it is nothing to do with my ears so there goes that.

    I have had to withdraw from the Sydney marathon which is heartbreaking but I suppose there are worse things that could happen.

    Does anyone suffering this suffer with Sinus issues?
    Electrolyte Issues
    Kidney Issues?

    I am trying my darndest to figure out wtf is causing this.
  • I don’t suffer with any sinus kidney issues and I still experience dizziness when walking and running. To be honest I was in very good health when it started ....unfortunately I had to give up running and don’t do long walks anymore. It is so frustrating when no one can figure out the reason. 
  • Happens to me too - but mine is due to low blood pressure. I find if I have too muc caffeine it can happen, but a quick sugar and salt fix helps me.
  • I have been having so much trouble with this.
    Firstly I thought the dizziness was my glasses bouncing
    Then I thought it was because I kept getting ear infections
    Then I thought perhaps neck pain.....
    I resolved all these.
    I have had ECG. diabetes check. I take anti histamines.
    I have seen Ent, otologist and balance specialist...  I am no further on. Only my symptoms worsening.
    My fourth referral is just happening. to a cardiologist.
    I cannot believe that there isn't an answer out there somewhere.
    On a positive note I have finally found fellow sufferers.. and it is horrid not even a brisk walk without dizziness and vomiting.
    Will update if I get anywhere.
  • It happens to me during my early and mid-teenage years. When I joined the school fun run, I was halfway on the race when I suddenly stopped because I’m palpitating and feeling dizzy because I was easily fatigued. Those days, I’m not that strong enough for marathons because I’m kinda sickly (?) but when I changed my diet into a healthy one, now I can join any fun runs or marathons.
  • Marlonthon, I wish I could put this down to diet but I am a very healthy person and my diet is full of vegetables, fruits, lean meats & good dietary fats... I just wish there was some answers out there!!!

    Karencantrun, it really is heartbreaking.. I was suppose to do the Sydney Marathon in September, I couldn't do it and it was so hard watching my wife.. I was so happy for her but at the same time I was so disappointed that I couldn't do it!!
  • My daughter has been getting dizzy on high intense practices and during races. She runs 6-610mint Miles and is getting frustrated that during high intensity she’s now experiencing dizziness. She is hoping to run on college but is now talking about quitting. She has worked so hard it’s just really hard to see her so deflated. She had anemia last year and fought through it running 21 min. 5k,,she was hoping to be PR consistently running under 19 5k but now this dizziness has started. Has anyone heard of dyspnoea for high performing athletes? 
  • It could be anything causing your dizzy spells while running. Do you have balance problems as well? If so, it may be a condition known as vertigo.

    However, only an experienced ENT doctor would be able to properly diagnose you and give you a more accurate answer as to what's causing your dizziness.

    You can check online to find an Ear Nose and Throat doctor near you, and some of them may give you a free consultation.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Josh,

    I've Been to an ENT and was referred to the hospital to have a LOAD of tests done, they all came back clear.
    The ENT's said that they would be shaking their heads as to what my issue could be as they had never heard of anything like it before.
  • I have the exact same problem.. and getting worse. Did my slowest jog.  ensured I didn't go above 160bpm. ensured I didn't overheat. 1 mile in.. bam, dizzy.. queazy and really bad headache which has remained all day together with the nausea.
    Been through Otologist, entologist, balance specialist, cardiologist. Treadmill test, MRIs. Diabetes check. 7 days of heart monitor.  
    Waiting to do treadmill test to my limit.. 
    but it doesn't happen on treadmill. grrr.
    Getting very down about this. Someone must know the answer if there are so many of us with the same symptoms.. ??
  • I have the same symptoms! It’s so frustrating I’m trying to train for a run, and I keep getting so dizzy I feel like I’m going to pass out, Iv had to sit in the pavement a couple of times too and wait for it to pass. It’s like a dizzy sensation, I feel like I’m spinning or pulling to the left. And I feel sick. Then I feel groggy for the rest of the day.  Happens at 3 miles pretty much every time. I’m fit and I know it’s not nutrition, and I can do spin classes, circuits, gym and also treadmill running and I’m fine! Only outside. I really hope someone finds an answer, I’m trying to resolve it myself too! 
  • Make an account just to hop on this discussion. I have had every single one of these symptoms and can't believe we can't find anything that helps.
    I'm an active individual who never has issues running indoors or playing sports till I was training for my first half marathon. I got through that one and two full marathons but the training for the second really pushed me over with the training. Every time I would go over 1.5-3 miles my head feels like it's spinning and stopping only intensifies. I try mixing up my diet but maybe more salt will help? I went to a ENT doctor and that was a complete waste of $ for he had no idea. He had me run three miles and then come back and do stabilization tests but didn't know what to say. I'm trying to train for another half marathon but have no idea what to do with training for I am terrified of running outside for I feel I'll get stranded. What do you guys think of this artice? https://n.neurology.org/content/90/15_Supplement/P2.133

    Hope to hear of anything soon!
  • Wow it's been nearly 4 years since I started this thread, I haven't checked for ages so have just been catching up... I'm so sorry to read so many others with similar/same story altho at least it helps me think I'm not going mad and I'm not alone...So here's a brief (hopefully!) update since my last post:

    Had the ILR removed 2017, it never showed any issues with my heart. I also had an echocardiogram and tilt table test, again all was fine. The closest I got to a diagnosis from cardio was an (unproven and unexplained) sudden drop in blood pressure. I have also seen a neurologist (apparently all ok) and allergy specialist. I tried running outside with an allergy mask but still had issues. I have tried salt tablets, hydration sachets, various foods - with no obvious improvement. I did run a marathon in 2017 without any issues (not particularly fast though) - but then ran 5 miles a week later and had to stop several times. Mostly, my runs outside will incur at least one and usually several dizzy spells. My last race was Gosport half in November last year, and I had to stop several times :( I am signed up for Brighton Marathon in April but will probably bin it, I can't face having to stop an unknown number of times along the way :'(

    In 2017 I had some success with hypnotherapy - that was what I had done just before the marathon I ran without any issues... but I also had several runs where it didn't make any difference...and if I listen to the tapes now it doesn't change anything, still get dizzy. In 2018 I wondered if it was maybe anxiety related because I guess hypnotherapy relaxes you - but I have tried various meds with again no success. I also went to see a CBT specialist a few times who told me it was all in my head... he eventually offered to run with me and when I said I felt sick and dizzy told me I was just imagining it... and then we got back to his office and I (violently) threw up in his bin :o :D ... guess it wasn't just my imagination then! Then I came across the idea of cervical vertigo (think someone else here mentioned it?) - and found a physiotherapist to treat it... but no difference. Oh I also tried an osteopath, again no joy. Last year I was seeing a guy who "activates" you, it's based on the idea of belly breathing and squeezing glutes and he was pretty confident he could help. He made me stronger but...still getting dizzy :'( I recently saw a new GP who took an interest (it's a long time since I found a Dr who was actually interested, I think they find it frustrating if they don't know the cause/what to do) and I am being referred for some possible breathing thing - but while it's good to rule it out, I'm sure that's what it will do because - and here's the key thing most people seem to have on this thread - it doesn't explain why I can run dizzy free on the treadmill...

    What physical thing can it be that allows us to run for any time on the treadmill, but makes us feel dizzy when running outside??!! That's the mystery I just wish could be solved because I think that's where the answer lies. Maybe something to do with visual field?

    Anyway apologies, clearly not that brief! But will try stick on the thread now, happy to share any other treatment options I try! Maybe we could write a collective message to all sports doctors in the hope someone takes an active interest in solving our problem...x
  • I have not been game to try running again since about a year ago.
    Sad to see no real progress in this illness. 
    Surely there are Doctors out there whom would love to solve this riddle.
    There has to be a link somewhere. If it was turned on easily surely it can be turned off. Just need to find the switch. 
    Has anyone thought of starting a Facebook group to share and discuss?
  • I have setup a Facebook group if anyone is interested.
    I can't post links here yet but if you search for Dizzy Runners you should find it.
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