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  • Just realised I had posted in here in October 2018 - Well Since then, it has Come back as stated above..
  • https://www.webmd.com/brain/home-remedies-vertigo

    These are all the rehab tests for bbpv, i,e vertigo. They can all be performed safely at home with someones assistance. Also google the dix hallpike manoeuvre, as it can give you a good indication that you're suffering from vertigo. The best cure for balance  problems is reintroducing things that trigger it as it will force your brain to compensate and adjust. Antisickness medication and stopping normal activities can lead to a vicious cycle where it will actually get worse. The only way you will know for certain is if you go for balance testing, which will need a referal from your GP and would obviously stress that this is the first avenue you follow. 
  • Hi Topolino...
    I don't believe mine is Vertigo.. I am on my 2nd course of vertigo medication (both different) and it has done nothing, in fact, I think it makes it worse - Also I went to a chiropractor who did the Dix Hallpike manoeuvre and it didn't bring vertigo on.

    The dizziness only happens outdoors - I can run on a treadmill for hours and have no problems, ride a exercise bike, no problems.
  • Hi Jadeamba, you'll need to be referred for further balance testing as the dix hallpike although used by Ent and balance specialist audiologists isn't an all encompassing test. You will need air/water caloric testing with video goggles that will monitor your eyes, this will allow for a more accurate assessment of your condition, although just to forewarne you that this isn't a nice test. If you do feel that its a balance problem I would really recommend doing as much movement based activity as possible as this is the most effective form of rehabilitation, rest will often make the problem worse.
  • That underlines my point that a negative dix halpike test doesn't mean you don't have vertigo. 
  • Hi Topolino, thank you for sending that through.
    I will definitely look into it.. I am currently going down the anxiety path as it very well may be that I work myself up into such a stress that it is causing it.. worth a shot anyways..
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    Peanut25 said:
    I have done a treadmill heart test, but of course it didn't happen because I was inside on a treadmill! So frustrating that there is no solution. I guess I'm just going to have to live with it.
    Go to your GP and request a 24hr heart monitor and then go for your runs outside as per usual. It'll give them a better indication if it's cardiovascular or otherwise.
  • Interesting to read. I have had vague lightheadedness/spaced out feeling since August 2018. I did not stop running though, and even managed to do a half marathon PB in 1 hour 17 min and managed to do a 10k in 34 mins the other day. When I am running I feel generally ok, although I do feel a bit off. I also get a heavy feeling in the left side of my head/ear, and sometimes when I run there is a slight clicking in my left ear. The neurologist thinks it may be pppd or vestibular migraine and has prescribed Pizotifen which I am a bit reluctant to use. Have had various tests and scans but still can't get fully better. Also that lightheaded feeling when standing up sometimes which could be low bp.
  • Jadaemba, I'm so glad to see you have made some progress. Good luck
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