Tight Calves

Went out for what I expected to be my long run today.
I run a 4mile circuit, was going to go round twice today. I done my normal 5mins jog, then stopped to stretch for a couple of mins.

Started off again, within a minute felt a pain at the bottom of Right Calf, so I stopped, massaged it, stretched some more and started walking. After a couple of mins I started jogging slowly, stiff but no pain.

Carried on normally after that, but continued to run a bit slower than normal. At about 3 miles felt the top of the left calf tighten, stopped again, stretched walked for a while, then slow jogging again. Only managed another 1/2mile, before I had to give up and walk back.Both calves are very tight now!!

It was a bit colder than normal today. What am I doing wrong? Is my warm-up wrong? Should I be wearing tracksuit now it's colder?

Any advice?


  • I found that changing my warm up to include stretches specifically for calves cured it for me( my son's Taekwon-do teacher showed me).
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