What next?

Hi all! Riding high on the euphoria of the Waterbeach half (see race reports on events) I now need to plan on the next medium range project.

Suggestions? Guidelines:

The event must be happy to have slow runners.

No objection to off-road and a bit of mud.

High priority given to scenery.

Distance not much above a half. Marathon is out of the question, I think - muscles do protest to loudly.

More or less since I was able to walk I've been planning the half. It has been terrific to have it as a beacon to aim for. Suggestions for it's successor would be welcome.

Thanks, Marj


  • I dont think you time was particularly slow Stickless
    Well done
  • Nor, actually, do I. I am terrifically chuffed with it.

    But I was also 4th from last, and while those waiting for us were very patient, they were clearly being patient. Also, it was a lovely course for back-enders, as there were many stretches where the slow ones going out were running past fast ones coming in, which made me feel still in touch with the race.

    Sooo - good halfs might be those associated with a marathon, as I would finish about the same time as the faster marathon runners. Shorter races are less of a problem, as there is not such a glaring time difference between me and the next fellow. But as my pride seems to be in enduring, and I doubt my legs will ever do fast, these are not so satisfying. Also, if I'm going to travel for it, it wants to be more than an hour of running!

  • Stickless. I wouldnt dismiss a marathon totally. If you look on training bit of this website there seems an extremely do-able "get you round" schedule..If endurance is your strength, you have plenty of time to build up your mileage for one of next years summer or autumn marathons. Not sure if any of them are particularly scenic though. Go on, you know you're going to dont you?
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