Waterbeach 1/2M

Anyone read the small print on the entry form for the Waterbeach 1/2M on 20th October? See where it says : t-shirts, Prize? Note that it is PRIZE singular? That's what they meant.
One prize for the first non-military man and two prizes for the first lady and first vet lady finisher. All other prizes were for military people. And guess what? it gets worse. The first lady was also the first vet - so they gave her both prizes.
I'm not blaming the first lady. She did a magnificent run of 1.23 hour to win. She took her first lady prize and left early. It was only at the presentation that i (and everyone else) realised that she was also 1st vet - so they put the only other trophy for women to one side to send on to her!
And yes, it is sour grapes. I'm not very often at the top of the field, but on this occasion i was second lady, second vet and came home empty handed.
And pity the men - only the first man received a trophy - there was NOTHING for any other male, unless he was military.
Sorry folks, but although the course is flat and fast, this one goes on my black list of races to be boycotted in future.


  • Well done for being second, sorry about lack of prizes.
  • Well done Dangly!
    I was wondering how you had got on, I knew you were feeling good about the race.
    Well done again, I'm proud to have met the second lady!
  • Well done for doing as well as you did DS. Its does seem to be a bit of a lottery with prizes (not that I'll ever win anything) and I've read articles before where prizes don't go where they should. Next time
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Let me, on behalf of the forum, award you a virtual laurel wreath - and a virtual bottle of champagne. Not quite as good as the real stuff, but virtual hangovers don't spoil your long runs.
  • I'd like to endorse Nessie's award.

    Although I don't like to criticise the tremendous amout of voluntary work that goes on to allow me to play at running round outside at an age when I should know better, in this day and age of word processing it would be nice to at least get a certificate for your achievement.

    But you still have your achievement, you know you came 2nd, you should still be proud of your performance - the rest of us will continue to look on in awe
  • Well done, DS. I suppose framing the list of race results just isn't the same, but it's a brilliant achievement for all that.
  • Well done again DS - I did meet you on the day (in the changing room) although didn't realise it at the time. Bummer not to get a prize after so good a result, but as everyone else has said it's still a great acheivement - and one that not very many of the rest of us will ever do (I know I won't!).
  • Bravo - I hadn't quite twigged you were second lady.

    From the comments at the prize giving I got the strong impression that it was started last year as a military (only) operation, to which they invited this year the general public. The CO was clearly surprised at the amount of civilian interest. Had probably not thought through the implications of turning the event into a public half.

    I for one am delighted to have a half I can get to so conveniently, and I for one will certainly go back. Prizes will never be an issue with me.

    I think that this should get back in a constructive way to the organisers. Aside from prize and the loos, it was a good and, from my perspective, very friendly race.

    The chap who lives opposite us is medic to the Waterbeach barracks. I'll see if I can feed this back through him to the organisers.

    Coming from me it can't seem remotely sour.

    And here's a toast to your being in the virtual medals!

  • Well done Dangly Spice, 2nd is an ace result!
  • Thanks for the virtual prizes - they are hanging on my wall!!! I did send a letter (polite and vetted by hubby) to the organisers saying what a good race it was, thanking the marshalls and organisers, but saying how disappointed i was by the prizes. A mate at the Club did the race a couple of years back (he's not military) and said that he received a vet prize, so was surprised when i mentioned the lack of prizes this year.
    Maybe it will be worth a return trip next year. I was just 30 seconds or so outside my PB!! Maybe at York Brass Monkey in January.....
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