Tri-kit (wet suits)

Help,can anybody please recommend a good shop in the north-west that supplies wet suits for tri, I'm doing London later this year (my first olympic distance triathlon, am I mad????). Any advice greatly appreciated...


  • Sorry, don't know north-west area well.

    Can you not hire one for the event from tri and run or some other?

    Been 3 years since I did London but back then you could hire a suit and pick it up on either Saturday or race day.
  • I should point out that I meant pick it up from the expo during registration or arrange to get it on race morning.
  • Thanks Muzzy, but I was hoping to try it out before the event
  • wildwill's a northerner
    ne c'est pas?
  • cant you get one in a couple of different sizes online from or wherever, and return the one that doesn't fit?

    or speak to terrapin along the same lines, they are quite helpful I believe
  • If you look at a quintana roo sizing chart and relate it to yourself they do generally come out quite accurate.
  • I don't know anywhere in the NW that sells tri-kit, so I've bought most of my stuff at races, and in the case of my wetsuit, (an Orca), from Sigma Sport, (after trying it at a training day last year). The measurements I sent them before the day resulted in a perfect fit.

    If you want to practice open water swimming before the event, there are sessions at Salford Watersports Centre every Thursday at 19:00 throughout the summer. Details on: although the first date this year has not been confirmed yet. I found this invaluable last year for improving my confidence in open-water, and getting used to not turning around every 25m.


  • ooo - and roo have an excellent looking metal coated new wetsuit out too - get one of those and tell us what you think!
  • Yeah candy/andy we have a couple here hanging up!

    May have to order one in extra small as it makes my super suit look shite!!
  • a)Eddie McGrath Cycles in Urmston Manchester might be good for starters. They do all kinds of Tri gear and are Stockist for Quintana Roo, tho' they they don't always have every size you may have to order.
    b)attend a local event like Chirk Triathlon (N Wales) as Tri UK etc usually have a stand at such things.
    c)Jane's also got some v good advice above.

    Incidently I blagged loan of a boat/board wetsuit from the Salford Centre at my first swim session - far from ideal but got me started until I bought my own. (They don't advertise you can do this)

  • PS See you at the swim sessions?
  • Thanks everyone, I'll give Salford a go for the open water swimming. It looks like its back to the mail order catalogues!!!!!
  • I got mine on-line at TRIUK
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