racing flats for women

I need to have a good moan about the availability of racing shoes for women, i.e. no availability. I've found one version of saucony, one of asics and none of adididas after looking at 10 web sites.

Please make us shoes for racing in. I've been told to get adidas by my physio as they have good cushioning but they don't exist unless you're UK size 6!!!


  • Have a look at Start Fitness, or Sweatshop
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    worrying advice from your physio - does that mean all the rest of us non-adidas-wearing peeps have no cushioning in our shoes?! personal opinions can be a dangerous thing...
  • racing flats mitchie moo? don't be so ridiculous.

    and get back in the kitchen.....
  • Advertising flats for women could be a minefield even though they are worn on the feet rather than the chest ! OK ... I will slink off back under my stone
  • Fairly sure that all brands make racing shoes in smaller sizes,its simply a case of whether the retailers buy them to stcok in-store.As "Ace" says,Start Fitness have a fair number of smaller racing flats (3.5,4,4.5 etc.) as do Sportsshoes Unlimited.
    As Annajo says,dont just go for Adidas on the advice of one physio,go with what feels comfy for you.
  • Couldn't agree more, I personally wouldn't touch Adidas with a barge pole. (Unless of course they want to sponsor a very average runner with large wads of cash).
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    quite a few small size racing shoes in stock where I work as well, sensible...! (but should I do blatant plug again?!)
  • I trust my physio immensely, he is a physio for GB team, and I wouldn't trust anyone else. He just reckons to stick with adidas as they seem to work well for me and my current orthotics. Some of the other brands tend to remove the gel/air etc to make the shoe lighter, whereas adidas tend to still be quite cushioned.

    I am only tiny but for my size I'm a very heavy runner, hence the need for cushioning.

    Thanks for all advice, have found a pair from Up and Running, lovely lady helped me locate Response Competition.
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