Andy or Candy?

So why have you changed your name from andy to candy?

Were you jealous cause people were calling me a lady boy or have you realy had a sex change?


  • a) i'm very sweet

    b) i'm an elite anagramer, as you can see

    c) er, that's it
  • JLK,

    a.k.a. "Dykier Jelly Raffle"?
  • AND??????

  • Tee hee.

    JLK - Anagrams aren't your strong point !
  • Sorry - I was under the mis-apprehension that 90% of the posts on here were pointless drivel, just like my last one, however if there is supposed to be a point to these messages, I may have to re-think my strategy.
  • you have to read the posts out loud into a dictaphone and then replay them backwards at half speed, rocks - subliminal messages
  • He's a big girls blouse ...

    ... thats the real reason
  • that's why Will always tries to wear me at socials then
  • [chuckles happily]

    it's nice to be back and see that nothing's changed...

  • cougie, It was'nt suppossed to be!

    I just felt like putting something un-funny and useless.
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