cross country


I would like to try some XC races this
winter and am looking for some advice
on 1st kit to buy,spikes/trail shoes.

Also does anyone have details of any races in central scotland.




  • David, I only use my slikes when it's reeally muddy. You'd be best off getting some studded fell shoes such as Walsh or Felldancer. Most trail shoes don't have enough grip
  • David, I only use my spikes when it's reeally muddy. You'd be best off getting some studded fell shoes such as Walsh or Felldancer. Most trail shoes don't have enough grip
  • David, i also use the studded fell shoes for cross country races.
    To find cross couontry races, have a look in RW at the events. Many XC races are 'closed' events which means that you have to be a member of a Club to enter them. There are a few open events, often advertised as multi-terrian rather than cross country. Just keep your eyes open for the adverts in magazines.
  • David,

    Ran my first a few weeks ago - I would recommend it 100% - more fun that road running! I haven't run XC for 20 years since PE at school and a couple of lads that were in my year and would have run in that were running in this one too - they didn't win but they were still pretty decent (and I was still nowhere near the front).

    I wore spikes and got on OK even though it was fairly firm - never worn studs but if you only want to buy one pair of shoes buy spikes and different length spikes to fit as talking to people you will need spikes when it gets muddy. I also wear my spikes just for running round the park in training - they are quite comfy - though fell shoes do give you the option of doing some different terrain or doing fell races I suppose.

    I ran with my club but it is possible to join a club just to do the XC races - I am thinking of doing that with my partner's club just to run their races which are in a different league to ours. If you do that make sure you have a vest though as I noticed they were very strict on runners having club colours.

    Go for it.
  • Joining a club is certainly the best way to find about XC races. Most of the races in the Midlands are not advertised in RW. I've got spikes, studs (Walsh) and trail shoes. Studs are the most versatile as you can use them on stoney courses too. Spikes are best for out and out mud and trail shoes are best if there is a certain amount on road - which you cant do in spikes.

    I love XC - its the only consolation for winter coming on. This is despite the fact that I'm not terribly good at it. Most of our races are Saturday afternoon. So its a chance for a good hard paced training session if nothing else. You will come out of it stronger for your road races too.
  • dont start too fast,always look for the better ground,have a few days off before as you would with any other type of race,try doing some cross country training good for those legs and thighs and ankles try it with or with out socks???? make sure you warm up well as you will run 100 times better in the cold if you are warm at the start of the race and stay warm warm up in tracksuit maybe add more layers and keep warm right up too the start of the race get undressed at latest sensible stage and then keep warm to the best of your ability gloves a hat??? hope i have been of some help xcountry can be very hard but if well prepared can be the most enjoyable running medium i ran all last year in all conditions in my road pegasus's(i miss them more than my x's) and they only hindered me in the worst of conditions.good luck !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Where do you live in central Scotland? If you live near Edinburgh, you can get a fixture list from 'Run & Become' or maybe they could send you one, tel: 0131 337 3133 also can be found on

    As has been mentioned, most XC races are for clubs only, unless it says 'open' in the details. Im a memeber of a club called Lothian RC based in Livingston and Edinburgh (see for details), but if this is not near you, I think that there are lots more around.

    The next open meeting is in Aberdeen (maybe a bit far?) on 3rd Nov, then one in Kilmarnock on 10th Nov, one at Dunbar on 17th Nov, at Kirkintilloch on 1st Dec, but I cant see anymore on the fixture list that say 'open'. A good race which is off road for the future is Gartmorn 6 on 9th March tel:01259 214511
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