Exactly how difficult is it to buy a pair of shoes . . . ?

Blimey. Am I just awkward, or what? I've spent what feels like all weekend trying to track down a pair of Nike Ladies Storm Pegasus (Pegasuses? Hmmm) in a size eight. Sweatshop in Brierley Hill had blokey ones, not girly ones: so off I went to search on the net and . . . guess what! Not a ladies' pair in sight, apart from one solitary store . . . which promptly took great exception to my browser and booted me off when I tried to order. Now, do any of you guys actually know of anywhere that actually has a pair of girly storm pegs??? I mean, they can't be that unusual . . . can they?


  • Shouldn't be too difficult, try www.sportsshoes.com and search for either Pegasus (get loads to choose from) or NIK1626, should be the new version but check cos I'm not 100%, alternatively try that cheap sports shop in merry hill upper level somewhere near Debenhams, I have seen mens Storm Pegasuses but wasn't looking for womens. Happy shopping.
  • Managed to track some down in the end! I did have a look around Merry Hell--Hill, sorry, but mainly it was the usual fashion stuff. Oddly ehough, tho I couldn't find Stormy Pegs on the web, when I rang round this morning I found some first off. Odd, eh? Anyway I'm back home in Wales now. Hope the shoes turn up soon--it was chucking it down this morning, no time to be up a mountain in non-waterproofed shoes!
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