Route mileages/software

Please can anyone give me guidance on good software to work out mileages? I've read threads about people working out their mileages, etc. but don't know where to start/get programs. Any help would be much appreciated please.


  • I use Trailgauge which I have been very pleased with. You can download it from :-

    There is also Accuroute which is very basic that you can get from

  • Also try Mapper, from
    Full details on the website.
  • I can thouroughly recommend Mapper (see above) Still on evaluation at present, but will purchase shortly. Also if you are going to use it, you can download maps from OS at
    The maps you download are faily small, but with a bit of practice can be pasted together in a graphics package to provide good quality maps with footpath/trail detail as well as roads.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm going to start tracking my routes. Just hope I don't find out that that tough fifteen miler is actually only twelve!!
  • Very interesting recommendations, which I'll definitely try out.

    Have to say, though, that to date I've managed fine with one of those little wheel things that you roll over a map. My Dad gave me mine 30 years ago, but I see Silva still do something similar.

    Used on 1:25000 maps I think they're probably quite accurate - but I've always managed to convince myself they UNDER-estimate distance.
  • What little wheel things - where can I buy one?
  • Silva do a manual and electronic map-measurer.

  • Wheely Things - Any Millets should have them or other Outdoor/Climbing Shops
  • I have always managed with an A-Z map and a piece of string marked with ink every mile. Just lay the string along the page. OK just for my short runs I suppose but not for anyone who does long distances and runs over to another A-Z book!
  • Pauline,

    I used to do this as well! If you mark up you distances on stretched elastic, let go then re-measure, you'll find that your weekly mileage increases!

    easy... ;-)
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