Flintshire 10k


Anyone run this race. Thought it was really well organised and runner freindly.

My Wife and little girl (Amy) ran the fun run, my daughters first run (5 yrs old), Brill to watch her finish. I plodded round the 10k in around 33mins.

Just wondered if there were any sites carrying the results. Also there was a bloke taking digital pics of most finishers, but I cant remember the name of the web site he said they would be shown on, (something Mold I think?).

Any help?




  • That 33mins in my previous post!!! make that 43mins, my finger slipped. (33mins)in my dreams!!!!!!!!!!

  • hello mike,i also thought the race was ex organised,i too went round in 43.47 on my watch.how did you find the climb up the hill twice?
    i have searched for the results with no luck
  • mike long the results of the flintshire 10k are on www.welshathletics.org
  • Hi Terry

    Thanks for the replys,

    First time round wasnt to bad, but i was starting to find it tough on the second lap. I did the Chester zoo 10k the week before though and found that much tougher, my time for that was a poor 45.38 and I found the the last mile or so of that much harder. i had had a cold for week though, so maybee that had something to do with it.

    Thanks for the results address, if you do a search under "virtualMold" there is some pics of the race.

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