Monday session - 21 October



  • What: 6 miles with the club
    Why: That's the way of Monday evenings :)
    Last hard day: yesterday - I did about 12 miles, slowly, and it almost killed me! I still haven't shifted my irritating mild chest infection, and I think it's slowly wiping me out
    Next rest day: tomorrow, as I have a XX on Wednesday
  • yo, sorry haven't posted for about a week...hate to admit my failures. No proper exersize for a has been to hectic.

    What: Just completed 7 miler in rain
    Why: need to work off last weeks stress and excess.
    Last hard day: 8 days ago

    Have to say just ran down by the river, probablly last chance if it keeps raining as the water was lapping against the path and in one part had flooded the it making a 5.5 miler a 7 due to detour!
    Got home looking as though I had been out playing rugby, freezing, muddy, wet and hungry!
    Fantastico, magnificent, top o the run in about a year!

    Next: same again tomorrow (hopefully)
  • Sounds like it's the time of year for viruses. Bring on the echinaea (just don't tell Vrap).
    Hope your calf gets better soon village runner, I'm sure I'd just be sulking at home in your shoes.

    What: 6* hillreps, 10 m walk, jog down, straight back up again.
    Why: club session. Felt cheated as we normally have longer recoveries, but that wasn't the deal this week, apparently. Still, prefer (if that's the right word) hill reps to 1/2m intervals any day. Roped into 1st Xcountry race in 3 weeks, I knew I should have stayed quiet at the back. I'll be posting for race tips nearer the time.
    Last hard: tonight.
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Plan for the rest of the autumn is to get into good pre-marathon training shape on 30 miles/week, 2 speed sessions and one long run, until Christmas.
  • Hi, all

    Trying to get a bit more organised about my running. Having completed a 65 min 10k a couple of weeks ago, Im trying to speed it up to get below 60min next time.

    What: 20 min tempo run then weights then a sauna and steam..aaah luxury. Even got to go straight after work as hubby had kids.

    Going to go to a local club Ive been thinking of joining for ages on weds. wish me luck
  • what: AM 6 easy off-road
    PM 3 easy

    why: to recover from race yesterday whilst maintaining high mileage

    last hard day: yesterday (5 mile race)
    last rest day: a couple of weeks ago
  • Speedie,
    I went to Vegas looking for a specific time also (needed a sub 3:10 for a Boston Qualifier). Ran Vegas as hard as I could, managed a 3:09, then ran Boston (8 or 9 weeks later) nice and steady just for fun. I was living in the US at the time, where there is 'serious' Boston fever!
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